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Created by Davide Borchia
Reviewed by Anna Szczepanek, PhD
Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

Learn how to calculate the birth year from the age and any date in a few steps: with this tool and article you will finally discover (and never forget again) how to calculate when someone was born. We will also explain you how to deal with the birth date in your calculations if you want to obtain the most correct result possible.

How do I calculate the year of birth from the age and date?

To calculate the year of birth from the age, you have to perform a simple subtraction: let's check the necessary steps:

  1. Consider the year of the chosen date.
  2. Subtract the age from the year of the chosen date.
  3. The result is an approximation of the birth year, with uncertainty of plus/minus one year.
  4. If you know the date of the birthday, improve the calculations of the birth year according to these rules:
    • If the chosen date is before the birthday, subtract one year from the result;
    • If the chosen date is after the birthday, leave the result unchanged.

That's it! Calculating the birth year is not complicated at all, though centuries and millennia can be confusing. Our birth year calculator based on your age will make these calculations easier!

Famous birth years: an example of calculations of the birth year.

What is the birth year of Queen Elizabeth II? Well, we know that when she died, on the 8th September 2022, she was 96 years old. Her birthday happened on the 21st April, thus we were after that date.

  • Subtract 96 from 2022:

We don't need to apply the correction since we are considering a date after the birthday.

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How do I calculate my birth year from my age and the current date?

To calculate your birth year from your age and the current date, you only need to perform two subtractions (only one if you're lucky)!

  1. Consider the year of the current date, and subtract your age (in years) from it.
  2. Adjust the result by specifying if your birthday, this year, already happened or if you're still waiting. If the current date is before your birthday subtract one from the previous result, if not, leave the result unchanged.

That's it!

What is my birth year in 2023 if I'm 52?

Your birth year is either 1970 or 1971. You can find this result by following two simple steps:

  1. Subtract the current year (2023) and your age:
    2023 - 52 = 71
  2. Improve the result:
    • If the current date is before your birthday, subtract 1 from the result:
      71 - 1 =70
    • If the current date is after your birthday, leave the result unchanged.
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