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Created by Madhumathi Raman
Reviewed by Wojciech Sas, PhD and Steven Wooding
Last updated: Apr 18, 2024

Having a baby is a proud moment for any parent, and our baby age calculator helps you keep track of the milestones during those magical first couple of years! 👼 You will be able to find out how to calculate baby age by month and calculate how old your baby will be at different points in time.

This baby month counter provides you with a timeline of the all-important first couple of years of your newborn and shows how old they are in months. From the baby age chart, you will be able to tell how many months old your child is, based on the milestone dates, and also keep track of your baby using our baby percentile calculator

Why are baby month counter and baby age chart important?

The first few years of a baby's life are crucial since all newborns 👶 require extra care and attention during the initial months to enhance their growth and development. Some newborns less than 7 days old may also be susceptible to newborn hyperbilirubinemia. Vaccination 💉 schedules for newborns are also based on how many months old the child is. Several baby formulas (see baby formula calculator) also depend on the infant's age in months. The dosage of medications such as infant Tylenol dosage also depends on your baby's age. So it becomes pivotal to keep track of the baby age chart to get timely consultations.

As a bonus, if you're feeling whimsical 😉, you may enter your own birthdate in this ages and stages calculator to check when you were 6 months old or when you were 9 months old, and so on! You could also use this to compare the milestones of two babies based on their age difference!

How do I use the baby age calculator to find my baby month calendar?

In order to calculate how old your baby is, all you need is just one thing:

  • Your baby's birthday!
  • Voilà! A baby month calendar will be generated.
  • You will now be able to see how old your newborn will be on different dates.
  • You will also be able to see the day of the week in which each milestone falls, just in case you need to plan ahead for a party 🥂!

For example, if your baby was born on October 10, 2021, then the baby age chart will show the dates for months 1 through 24. From this baby month calendar, you can, for instance, calculate the 18 months milestone as Monday, April 10, 2023!

Alternatively, if your baby was born on June 19, 2021, for instance, and if today is October 15, 2021, you can find how many months old your child is (nearly 4 months old) by looking at the baby age chart. You may also use our korean age calculator for your baby!

If you are new to parenting, then our diaper calculator will help you to take the guesswork out of your shopping needs.

How many days old is my baby?

To convert your baby's age from years to days, we will multiply the number of years by 365 since each year contains 365 days (366 days in the case of leap year).

So, for example, when we convert two years to days, we get 2 × 365 = 730 days (if one of the years is a leap year, add 1 to the total number of days). This math will help you count how many days old your baby is!

The due date of delivery of a newborn is usually calculated based on the conception date. But sometimes, in case of premature delivery or similar scenarios, you could also check the adjusted age, gestational age, and chronological age of your infant.

How many weeks old is my baby?

What if you want to know how many weeks old your baby is? A typical calculation that works is multiplying the number of months by 4.345. So, for example, if your baby is 11 months old, it would mean that they are 4.345 × 11 = 47.795 weeks old or approximately 48 weeks old. This calculation will tell you how old your infant is in weeks.

You may also be interested to know that your baby's age helps determine the baby's milk intake requirement.


How old is an 18 months baby?

An 18-month-old baby is 1.5 years old or approximately 550 days old. At this age, most babies can walk and also say basic words. It is also somewhat remarkable to see how an 18-month-old baby is old enough to go exploring around the house and start understanding what everyday objects 🥄 are used for. You can also calculate the 18 months milestone for your baby using this ages and stages calculator!

How many weeks old is an 8 month-old baby?

To know how many weeks there are in 8 months, we'd do the following:

  1. A typical calculation that works is multiplying the number of months by 4.345.
  2. So when we convert 8 months to weeks, we get 4.345 × 8 = 34.76 weeks.
  3. This means the baby is approximately 35 weeks old!

This calculation will thus help you find how many weeks old an 8-month-old baby is!

How many weeks are in 13 months?

To know how many weeks is 13 months, a typical calculation that works is multiplying the number of months by 4.345. So when we convert 13 months to weeks, we get 4.345 × 13 = 56.485 weeks or approximately 56.5 weeks.

How many months are in two years?

To determine how many months are in two years, we will multiply the number of years by 12 since each year contains 12 months. So when we convert 2 years to months, we get 2 × 12 = 24 months.

How do I calculate baby age in weeks to months?

To convert baby age from weeks to months, a typical calculation that works is dividing the number of weeks by 4.345. So, for example, let's say the baby is 35 weeks old. When we convert 35 weeks to months, we get 35 / 4.345 = 8.055 or approximately 8 months. This way, you can find how old your newborn is in months.

How do I find the age of my baby 22 weeks from today?

We can convert a baby's age in weeks to months as follows:

  1. Divide the number of weeks by 4.345.
  2. So when we convert 22 weeks to months, we get 22 / 4.345 = 5.063.
  3. This gives us approximately 5 months.
  4. So to find how old your infant will be 22 weeks from today, you just need to add 5 months to the current age in months!

When will my baby be 500 days old?

One month typically has 30 days. So when we convert 500 days to months, we'll get 500 / 30 = 16.67 months or approximately 17 months. So around 1 year 5 months of age is when your baby will be 500 days old!

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