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The pool calculator tells you how much water you will need to fill pools of various sizes and depths. This is useful information that will help you to better estimate the cost of the water as well as the amount of time you need to go from an empty pool to floating around with a cool drink in your hand. Please note that the pool volume calculator assumes that the depth of the pool changes evenly and gradually from one end to the other, as is generally the case. If this does not apply to your pool size, figures computed by the pool calculator can still be in the same ballpark.

How does the pool volume calculator work?

The pool water calculator is something of a cross between the volume calculator and the square footage calculator.

It's a simple matter of getting the surface area of the pool and then multiplying that by the average depth.

  • Start by entering the pool size (length and width).
  • Then add its depth at two different points.
  • If there is both a shallow and a deep end, enter the shallow depth in the first field and the deepest point in the second. Otherwise, enter two identical values.
  • If the depth of your pool changes drastically instead of gradually you may want to consider dividing it in half, with a separate pool calculator measurement for each part.

You could go one step further and, knowing the density of water (which is approximately 1 kilogram per liter) work out how much water in such pool would weight.

How many gallons of water go into my pool size?

It's sometimes called the pool size calculator or pool gallon calculator because it works with not just metric units. If we didn't auto-detect your preferred units, click on meters to change it to gallons.

Take the results of the pool gallon calculator and multiply by the applicable rates of your local water supply to find out how much the last step towards beating the heat will cost!

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