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TS Calculator (True Shooting Percentage)

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What is the true shooting percentage basketball statistic?How to use the TS calculatorHow to calculate true shooting percentage?Glossary of terms used in the TS calculatorWhy is the true shooting percentage useful?TS% values of professional basketball playersMore resources on true shooting percentage and other basketball statistics

Whether you're a die-hard basketball fan or a professional basketball player, this TS calculator will prove to be an invaluable tool for you. If you've ever wondered how to calculate the true shooting percentage value, read this article to learn about this popular basketball statistic and use the true shooting calculator to see how it works in practice.

What is the true shooting percentage basketball statistic?

True shooting percentage is a statistic introduced by the Association for Professional Basketball Research Metrics, widely used both in professional and amateur basketball leagues. Often abbreviated to TS or TS%, this basketball statistic is excellent if you want to precisely assess a basketball player's skill. In particular, it measures a single player's performance at shooting the ball.

How to use the TS calculator

To determine your own or your favorite player's TS% using this true shooting calculator, follow these simple steps:

  • Give the true shooting calculator the overall number of points scored by a player.
  • Input the player's FGA value.
  • Input the player's FTA value.

Based on the data provided, the TS calculator will return the player's TS%.

How to calculate true shooting percentage?

If you want to give calculating true shooting percentage a go on your own, use the following formulas:

TS% = Points / (2 × TSA)

TSA = FGA + (0.44 × FTA)

Where TSA is the True Shooting Attempts.

Let's go through an example of these calculations. Our hypothetical player will have the following:

  • 1,295 points scored
  • across 850 Field Goal Attempts (FGA)
  • and 420 Free Throw Attempts (FTA)

First, we calculate the player's TSA value.

TSA = 850 + (0.44 × 420) = 850 + 184.8 = 1,034.8

Once we know the value of TSA, we can quickly figure out the TS%.

TS% = 1,295 / (2 × 1,034.8) = 1,295 / 2,069.6 = 0.6257

The only thing left to do is to convert the TS% value into a percent.

0.6257 = 62.57%

Now we know that if a player scored 1,295 points across 850 FDAs and 420 FTAs, their true shooting percentage is 62.57%.

Glossary of terms used in the TS calculator

Even though you already know how to calculate the true shooting percentage, you may still be wondering what all the abbreviations and values used in this calculator are. Here's a short glossary of the terms used in the true shooting calculator. We hope it clears any doubts:

  • FGAField Goal Attempts — a field goal is a basket scored on any shot or tap other than a free throw, worth two or three points depending on the distance it was attempted from the basket. Both 2-point field goal attempts and 3-point field goal attempts are taken into account while calculating the value of someone's true shooting percentage.

  • FTAFree Throw Attempts — a free throw is an unopposed attempt to score by shooting from behind the free throw line.

  • TSATrue Shooting Attempts — TSA is a basketball statistic measured by adding the number of FGAs to the number of FTAs, with the latter multiplied by 0.44.

Why is the true shooting percentage useful?

Sports statistics can be of great help to players who want to get better. Knowing where you are is the key to improvement, and thanks to the true shooting percentage, a basketball player can assess their skills in a very precise way. Other metrics that may be useful are the run rate calculator and the batting average calculator.

What is more, from the perspective of a fan, it's also good to know your favorite player's chances of winning. Whether you're into sports betting and want to make sure the odds are in your favor, or a casual fan who just wants to know some details about your team, the true shooting percentage statistic will allow you to estimate the skills of your idols as precisely as possible.

TS% values of professional basketball players

TS calculator: illustration of Michael Jordan in the middle of a shot
Perhaps the most famous basketball player in history, Michael Jordan, in the middle of a shot. According to Basketball Reference, his true shooting percentage equals 56.86%, and places 92nd on the list below.

If you're curious about the typical true shooting percentage of professional basketball players, take a look at this table of the 10 highest TS% values in the NBA (courtesy of Basketball Reference).



TS% value


Artis Gilmore



DeAndre Jordan



Cedric Maxwell



Tyson Chandler



Stephen Curry



Carl-Anthony Towns



James Donaldson



Adrian Dantley



Reggie Miller



Kevin Durant


The lowest true shooting percentage in the NBA ranking belongs to Michael Cooper, who places 250 with a TS% of 54.42%.

More resources on true shooting percentage and other basketball statistics

While writing this article and constructing the TS calculator, we used several excellent resources you may want to check out if you're interested in the topic of basketball.

  • The official website of the Association for Professional Basketball Research Metrics (APRBmetrics)

  • Basketball Reference

  • NBA's Statistical Analysis Primer

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