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If you can't quite figure out how to calculate run rate, use this net run rate calculator to help you out. This tool is invaluable for both cricket fans interested in their favorite team's results and cricket players who want to get better by assessing their skills as precisely and accurately as possible.

What is net run rate?

Net run rate is one of the many statistical methods used to assess a cricket player's performance. As opposed to the more popular batting average, net run rate is used to evaluate the skill of a whole team rather than that of an individual player. This is the most commonly used statistic when ranking cricket teams which have an equal number of points in a limited overs league competition, and can be compared to the goal difference statistic used in football.

How to calculate run rate?

To calculate the net run rate, all you need to do is:

  • Input the number of runs scored.
  • Input the number of overs faced.
  • Input the number of runs conceded.
  • Lastly, input the number of overs bowled.
  • The run rate calculator will use these four values to calculate the average runs per over scored by the team and the average runs per over scored against the team. It will then use them to give you the net run rate of your team.

The equation used to calculate the net run rate in cricket is as follows:

Net Run Rate = (total runs scored / total overs faced) – (total runs conceded / total overs bowled)

Calculating the net run rate - example

Let's go through an example together so that any remaining doubt you may have is eliminated. In our example, we will calculate the net run rate for a team whose results are the following:

  • 251 scored runs
  • 7 overs faced
  • 156 runs conceded
  • 9 overs bowled.

The calculations will go as follows:

Net Run Rate = (251 / 7) - (156 / 9) = 18.52

What if a match is forfeited?

Ideally, you should take all the matches a team has ever played into account to calculate their run rate. However, sometimes a match may be forfeited or abandoned. Curious how to calculate run rate if such a situation arises? Luckily, the International Cricket Council has created a rule for this.

According to Rule 16.10.2 of the ICC Men's ODI Playing Conditions:

Only those matches where results are achieved will count for the purpose of net run rate calculations. Where a match is abandoned, but a result is achieved under Duckworth/Lewis/Stern, for net run rate purposes Team 1 will be credited with Team 2's Par Score on abandonment off the same number of overs faced by Team 2. Where a match is concluded with Duckworth/Lewis/Stern having been applied at an earlier point in the match, Team 1 will be credited with 1 run less than the final Target Score for Team 2 off the total number of overs allocated to Team 2 to reach the target.

Why is the net run rate useful?

The net run rate is a great statistic that allows you to assess a team's chances in a very precise way. It is also handy for the players, as an accurate knowledge of your level of skill is tremendously important when training - only if you know exactly how good you are you can expect to get better.

Net run rate is still useful from the perspective of a cricket fan rather than a player, especially if one enjoys sports betting. If you want to be sure of your favorite team's chances in upcoming tournaments, knowing how to calculate run rate may be crucial. Use this calculator alongside the batting average calculator and the winning percentage calculator so that your estimation of your team's performance is the most accurate it can be.

Net run rate calculator: illustration of a cricket match
Rahul Dhari and Maria Kluziak
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Net Run Rate
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