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Last updated: Feb 15, 2022

This race time improvement calculator makes that math easy. With its help, runners can check percentage improvements in running time. All you need is to remember your recent race result. It is a base for all the calculations that provides values of boosted time scores. Thanks to that, you can quickly and easily find e.g. a target time for 3% race result improvement. Keep running and reading to see how handy it is!

Start line in a running race

What our calculator offers you

To find out improved running times, all you need to do is to fill in the race result you want to improve. All the rest is done by our calculator. Our calculator comes up with the following numbers:

  • race time improved by 1%
  • race time improved by 2%
  • race time improved by 3%
  • race time improved by 4%
  • race time improved by 5%
  • race time improved by 7%
  • race time improved by 10%

You can see running times in different units - they can be displayed in hours:minutes:seconds, only seconds, minutes or hours, even few more combinations. Choose the best option yourself.

If you need some custom % time improvements (which are not on the list), open the Advanced mode. Here, you can type in a particular value of percent improvement. The improved result will be displayed below.

Some math behind running

Race time improvement calculator is based on simple time transformations. For example:

  1. target time improvement = 5% so, the new time will be:

  2. improved time = 95% of race time and a formula for that:

  3. improved time = race time * 0.95 - here it is!

You can calculate all the remaining time improvements in a similar way. If you are interested in calculating percentage changes or improvements in other areas of life, visit our percentage change calculator. It is more general and thus can deal with more problems and questions.

Run step by step with our calculator

See the step-by-step example below to see how to use the race time improvement calculator. Let's assume that you have done a 10km race and you want to have a better result next time. Your time is:

race time = 48 min 35 sec

Our calculator provides the following results:

1% improved time = 48 min 5 sec

2% improved time = 47 min 36 sec

3% improved time = 47 min 7 sec

4% improved time = 46 min 38 sec

5% improved time = 46 min 9 sec

7% improved time = 45 min 10 sec

10% improved time = 43 min 43 sec

There is no calculation for 6% improvement which is your target? Don't worry, open the Advanced mode and type it in manually.

custom improvement = 6%

your better time = 45 min 40 sec

That's all! Simple, isn't it? ☺

Harder, longer, faster - improve your race time

The longer you run, the more you train, the more difficult is to cut minutes off your time. Probably you know that observation very well. Sometimes using a percentage to plan running improvements is much more practical. Highly trained athletes should expect improvements in the 2-4% range, while newbie runners can usually look for slightly better rates of initial enhancements.

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