Navy PRT Calculator

By Łucja Zaborowska, PhD candidate
Last updated: Oct 20, 2021

This US Navy PRT calculator allows you to compute your score for all the required physical readiness categories: curl-ups, push-ups, a 1.5-mile run, and a 500-yard swim. The US Navy PRT scores might be quite confusing, so we'll provide you with a simple guide to scoring the test, and how to interpret Navy PRT charts.

While you're here, don't forget to check if your body fat is at an acceptable level for the Navy!

How to use the Navy PRT calculator?

First section: the workout.

  1. Count the curl ups you can do within 2 minutes;
  2. Count the push up you can do within 2 minutes; and
  3. Choose your cardio, and check how much time it takes to complete either a:
  • 1.5-mile run; or
  • 500 yards swim.

Enter your three performances into the calculator and read your results: number of points achieved and your rank among all other competitors.

How to use the Navy PRT chart?

Your Navy PRT test will consist of three parts:

  • Curl ups performed during 2 minutes;
  • Push-ups performed during 2 minutes; and
  • a 1.5-mile run or a 500 yard swim

The maximum points for all three disciplines combined is 300.

Navy Physical Readiness test charts are divided into tables for females and males. Another important information is the age of the candidate. The thresholds vary depending on which age group the candidate is in:

  • 17-19;
  • 20-24;
  • 25-29;
  • 30-34;
  • 35-39;
  • 40-44;
  • 45-49; and
  • 50-54.

❗️There are no standards for females aged 50-54
The maximum age you can perform a PRT is 49 for females, and 54 for males.

Remember, good results require consistency and a valid training program. Don't give up or overdo it!

Get ready for the test with us:

Our calculator is based on the official US Navy standards, as well as the veterans' guidance .

Our Navy PFA calculator provides you with three different results depending on your cardio exercise of choice: two for every category, and a cumulative assessment.

Your score depends on your performance. The maximum number of points given for each discipline is 100 (outstanding high); the minimum is 45 (probationary). 0 points mean that the performance was unsatisfactory. Below you can find the full, described scoring for single disciplines and the entire test.

Single discipline grading
Number of pointsResult
100Outstanding high
95Outstanding medium
90Outstanding low
85Excellent high
80Excellent medium
75Excellent low
70Good high
65Good medium
60Good low
55Satisfactory High
50Satisfactory medium

Full test grading
Number of pointsResult
300Outstanding high
295Outstanding medium
270Outstanding low
255Excellent high
240Excellent medium
225Excellent low
210Good high
195Good medium
180Good low
165Satisfactory High
150Satisfactory medium

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Łucja Zaborowska, PhD candidate
Curl ups
/2 min
Push ups
/2 min
Your cardio:
1.5-mile run
1.5-mile run
Overall result:
Your PRT score:
Your performance level : -
Single discipline scoring
ActivityYour resultLevel
Curl ups--
Push ups--
Run time--
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