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The ICC calculator determines where your cricket team stands in the International Cricket Council (ICC) T20 team rankings after their current win or loss. The points calculation for ICC T20 is based on the team's current standings before the match and who they are playing. The rankings are calculated over 12 months, and as the games get older, their weighting reduces over time.

The rankings are crucial for a national team to secure a spot in the World Cup main event or the qualifiers. The top 8 teams on the cut-off date set by the ICC qualify directly for the main event, whereas the next set of 10 or 12 teams plays against each other for a few qualifying spots. This calculator focuses on one match per time, and it will tell you how many points a team will gain for the match outcome.

Depending on those points, the teams move up or down the rankings ladder. With the next ICC World T20 cup scheduled for this year (2022), the rankings are crucial to making the qualifiers and super 12s. You can start by entering some numbers or continue reading to understand how to calculate ICC T20 rankings.

ICC T20 rankings

The rules to calculate ICC T20 rankings depend mainly on the team's current standings. The winning margin of runs or wickets does not affect whatsoever the points gained by the team for the win. First, the data for wins and losses is collected over a duration, mostly 12 months. Then, the points accumulated for each win or loss are calculated. The total sum of points is divided by the number of matches played to obtain the rating value used to rank the teams. As of 2022, there are 91 teams in the ranking table. The points gained for each match depend on the following factors:

  • Pre-match ratings of both sides;
  • Difference between the pre-match ratings; and
  • Standing of winning team.

Say two teams, A and B, are playing against each other; firstly, the rating before the match is recorded. The rating is compared to determine the difference between the ratings. Here, the weaker team is one with a lesser rating and vice versa. The points are as follows:

Rating difference



Points gained


Team 1


Opponent's rating + 50

Team 2


Opponent's rating - 50


Opponent's rating


Stronger team


Own rating + 10

Weaker team


Own rating − 10

Stronger team


Own rating − 40

Weaker team


Own rating + 40

Stronger team


Own rating − 90

Weaker team


Own rating + 90

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How to calculate ICC T20 rankings — points gained per match

To calculate the points per match:

  1. Enter the rating for Team 1.
  2. Fill in the rating for Team 2.
  3. Select the result of the match from the list.
  4. Based on the match result, the ICC calculator will return the points gained by each team.

Example: Using the ICC calculator for T20 points calculation

Find the number of points gained by England and Australia playing against each other in a T20i match. Take the team ratings for England and Australia as 248 and 275, respectively.

  1. Enter the rating for Team 1, England, as 248.
  2. Fill in the rating for Team 2, Australia, as 275.
  3. Select the result of the match from the list as Team 1 wins.
  4. As per the ICC T20 points calculation:
Team 1 gains=275+50=325Team 2 gains=24850=198\qquad \scriptsize \begin{align*} \text{Team 1 gains} &= 275 + 50 = 325\\ \text{Team 2 gains} &= 248 - 50 = 198 \end{align*}

Team ratings
You can also calculate the team ratings before and after the match using the advanced mode.


What are the factors affecting ICC T20 team rankings?

The factors that affect ICC T20 team rankings are:

  • Rating of both teams involved in the match;
  • Difference between the ratings of the two teams; and
  • The victor side.

If the team with a higher rating loses the match, the points gained by their opponent will be more. This system rewards the weaker teams when they win against the stronger side.

How do I calculate ratings for winning a T20 match?

You can calculate the rating gained or lost per match by:

  1. Find the number of points gained.
  2. Add the points to the current tally.
  3. Divide the points by the number of matches played.

If the team loses the match, the points gained will be less, therefore reducing the average or team rating and vice versa.

Which team is the number 1 in men's ICC T20 rankings?

As of February 2022, England leads the men's ICC T20 rankings having 9354 points from 34 matches resulting in a team rating of 275. Cricket teams from India and Pakistan hold the following positions with 9627 and 12207 points with 267 and 265 ratings, respectively.

Which team is the number 1 in women's ICC T20 rankings?

As of February 2022, Australia leads the women's ICC T20 rankings having 5824 points from 20 matches resulting in a team rating of 291. Cricket teams from England and India hold the following positions with 7157 and 6081 points with 286 and 264 ratings, respectively.

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