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Calories Burned Weight Lifting Calculator

Created by Komal Rafay
Reviewed by Davide Borchia
Based on research by
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Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

Almost all of us want to look slim, trim, and healthy all the time, so we pick different kinds of activities that either interest us or suit the best of our needs and help us burn enough calories, so we don't feel guilty about consuming that entire pineapple pizza in a sitting; that is where our calories burned weight lifting calculator comes in.
It is mainly dedicated to determining the number of calories you would burn by lifting weights.

So, let's dive into the article to understand what calories are, how many calories weight lifting burns, and how to use the tool to help you keep on track and motivated.

What are calories?

The traditional definition of a calorie is "the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree Celsius".

But in nutrition and food, a calorie expresses the energy value of foodas you may have seen at the back of the packet of many of our beloved food items. Along with the nutritional value, they tell you the calories per serving.

The number of calories a food has is directly proportional to the energy you get from it.

But you might be thinking why do we need to burn calories?

Because there is a limit to the number of calories your body needs, if you consume more than what is required, the body is programmed to store it as fat. And none of us need excess fat in our bodies. So performing physical activities help us burn the unused amount of calories stored as fat.

And friends, that is where the need for calculating the calories burned comes in, and it is precisely what our "calories burned weight lifting calculator" will help you do.

Calories burned weight lifting calculator

The calories burned weight lifting calculator is a tool dedicated to determining how many calories you can burn while lifting weights. It might not sound straightforward, but the tool is easy to use. And that is not the only good thing about it.

You can choose between many other physical or not-so-physical activities, and the tool will tell you how many calories you can burn for the selected activity for the desired amount of time.

In the following paragraph, you can find precisely how the tool works.

  • The first value to input is your weight. There are two unit options, pounds (lb) and kilograms (kg). Whichever of these you use to measure your weight is what you can input.

  • The second thing is the activity. For now, the default selected is weightlifting/strength training but we still have plenty more options to choose from. Suppose you decide to determine the calories burnt through other physical activities like swimming, aerobics, and running or not-so-physical activities like sleeping and standing. In that case, You may choose a different option.

  • The next and essential thing to input is the time duration of that activity. You input the duration for which you practiced weightlifting.

  • Next, you will see the MET value, the Metabolic Equivalent of a Task. It tells you how much energy the activity can burn compared to sitting still for the input period.

  • This concludes the inputs: it is time for results.

  • The last section is the outcomes, where the tool informs you of how much energy you have burnt for the particular time that you entered and how much you or you could burn per hour.

  • In the end, there are some suggestions and additional information that give you the duration for which you need to perform the activity to lose a certain amount of fat if that is your purpose of practicing weight lifting.

If you are a weight lifting enthusiast and do it for the sport, then don't sweat it and carry on.

Did I burn calories?

If you were wondering if your favorite activity helped you burn any calories or not, even if that activity is sleeping, then do check out the family of calories burnt calculators available at Omni!


How many calories do I burn lifting weight, being 100 kg?

An adequate amount of weight lifting would burn 315 calories per hour.

If your goal is to lose weight, then remember 11.9 hours of weightlifting will help you lose 0.5 kg of fat.

Does weightlifting burn calories?

Yes, weightlifting, among many other physical activities, helps with effective calorie burn.

For a 190 lbs person, an hour of weight lifting burns 272 calories.

How long should I lift weight to burn 1000 calories?

Suppose you weigh 200 lb and practice moderate weight lifting.

Burning 1000 calories requires an effort of 3 and a half hours.

Can I burn calories doing nothing?

As hard as it may be to believe, you can burn calories by doing nothing.
You even have two options of doing nothing, sitting or standing.

A person weighing 200 lb (91 kg) can burn 143 calories per hour standing up, while 86 calories per hour sitting down.

Komal Rafay
Your weight
💪 Weightlifting/strength training
Time of the activity
MET = 3

Metabolic Equivalent of a Task (MET) – measures how many times more energy an activity burns in comparison to sitting still for the same period of time (MET = 1).
Energy burned
Energy burned per hour
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