Scheme of a two-pulley system joined by a belt
Diameter of the large pulley
Diameter of the small pulley
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Belt length

Belt Length Calculator

By Julia Żuławińska

Welcome to the belt length calculator! If you need to determine the length of any belt - be it a timing, ribbed, flat, or v-belt - you are in the right place. In the following text, we will introduce you to the belt length formula and show you how to use it.

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Two pulley system - belt length

Pulleys can trace their origins to before 200 B.C. Originally, they were used to lift buckets of water from wells, rivers, etc. Nowadays they are everywhere - in clocks mechanisms, on construction sites and in elevators to name a few. System like this are used to transmit torque (or power) across axles, providing mechanical advance.

Scheme of a two-pulley system joined by a belt

Let's learn how to calculate the length of a belt in a two-pulley system with differing diameters of pulleys. You can do it by inputting the distance between the axles of the pulleys and their diameters into the following formula:

Belt length = ((DL + DS) * π / 2) + (2 * L) + (DL - DS)2 / (4 * L)


  • DL is the diameter of the large pulley.
  • DS is the diameter of the smaller pulley.
  • L is s the distance between the pulley axles.

With our belt length calculator, you can also calculate the distance between the centers of two pulleys for a given belt length.

How to compute like our belt length calculator?

  1. Let's say that you own a factory and you need to calculate a v-belt length. The diameters of the pulleys are 15 and 30 cm, and you want the distance between them to be 1.5 meters.
  • DL = 30 cm = 0.3 m
  • DS = 15 cm = 0.15 m
  • L = 1.5 m
  1. Input the values into the equation. Note that the units are not relevant as long as they're the same for all variables.
  • Belt Length = ((0.3 + 0.15) * π / 2) + (2 * 1.5) + (0.3 - 0.15)2 / (4 * 1.5) = 3.71 m

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Julia Żuławińska

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Belt Length Calculator