Football Calorie Calculator (2018 World Cup Edition)

By Hanna Pamuła, PhD candidate
Last updated: Dec 03, 2020

The Russia World Cup 2018 is here! Are you looking forward to the next matches, counting the days and hours before you can cheer for your favorite team again? Our calorie calculator is created specifically for this exciting time. Thanks to this great tool, you can calculate how many calories you gain while watching a football match, drinking a beer, and munching on snacks. Find out for how long you need to exercise to lose those extra kilos gained after World Cup.

How does the calculator work?

Football Calorie Calculator (2018 World Cup Edition) uses the simple equation:

energy_balance = energy_intake - energy_burned

In energy_intake, we add all the snacks and beer you consume while watching football games, taking the average calorie values for the chosen snack.

The energy burn is calculated on the basis of standard formula for calories burned:

energy_burned = T * 60 * MET * 3.5 * W / 200 * N

  • T is the duration of activity in hours, 1.5 for watching a game in TV
  • W is your weight in kilograms
  • MET is a metabolic equivalent of the task
  • N is the number of matches watched/played

The metabolic equivalent (MET) value is a measurement of the energy cost of a particular physical activity for a specific period of time. MET values for chosen activities:

  • 1.5 - watching a game on TV
  • 7 - playing football, casual
  • 5.8 - sexual activity
  • 7.5 - running
  • 8 - biking

If you want to calculate the approximate weight loss or gain, we need to know how much energy is contained in the fat tissue. As there are approximately 7700 calories stored in every kilogram of body fat, all you need to do is to divide the calories value by 7700:

weight = energy_balance/7700

Sweat is fat crying

Let's compare how much you are gaining when the players are sweating on a football pitch:

  1. Enter your weight. We'll assume 80 kg (you can change it to pounds by clicking on the unit).
  2. Type the number of the events you will have watched. Let's say that you are watching how your national team is coming through all stages - group (3 matches), round of 16 match, quarter- and semi- final and the World Cup final. This sums up to 7 matches.
  3. Enter the beers and snacks you consume per one game. We don't believe that you aren't drinking anything! During the exciting matches, two bottles of beer are disappearing in no time. As well as a bag of chips. Definitely not the serving portion which is 10 chips or so. Aaand not the smallest bag. What about the large one? Yes, that's more like it.
  4. Ooops. It looks like that you gained almost 8350 calories, which is more than 1 kg!
  5. Choose the activity to lose calories. As a huge football fan you may select Fat-burning activity: football
  6. Football calorie calculator displays time needed to burn extra weight. It's 14 hours in 11 minutes of recreational football.

Urgh. Hey buddy, put this one beer bottle back to the fridge!

Hanna Pamuła, PhD candidate
My weight
I will have watched
During the game
large bottles
/ game
medium bags
/ game
small bags
/ game
slice(s) of
pizza / game
Energy intake
/ game
Energy burned on cheering
/ game
Time to burn it!
Energy balance
Weight gain
Fat-burning activity
Time needed to burn extra calories
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