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Created by Joanna Michałowska, PhD candidate
Last updated: Nov 05, 2021

The SOFA score calculator is a tool that helps to determine the extent of organ dysfunction in critically ill patients using six different criteria. This instrument can be used both in a clinical and research settings, and was initially created to assess organ failure in sepsis.

What is the SOFA score?

The SOFA score was developed in 1994 by a consensus of critical care physicians. It was initial defined as the Sepsis-Related Organ Failure Assessment, but since the score is not specific for sepsis, the name was changed to Sequential Organ Failure Assessment. It was primarily designed to describe and quantify morbidity (organ dysfunction), but several studies managed to confirm the relationship between organ dysfunction and mortality as well. Recently, a shorter version of the SOFA score - qSOFA was introduced. If the mortality risk of Intensive Care Unit patient is something you are interested in, you can also check the Simplified Acute Physiology II Score calculator.

What variables are used in Sequential Organ Failure Assessment?

The SOFA score is composed of six variables - one for each organ system. They are graded from 0 to 4 according to the degree of dysfunction/failure of the relevant organ. You can find the scoring system and all variables in the table below.

SOFA score Respiratory Coagulation Liver
[Pao2/FIO2, mmHg](calc:1600) Platelets x10^3/μL Bilirubin, mg/dL
0 >400 >150 <1.2
1 <=400 <=150 1.2-1.9
2 <=300 <=100 2-5.9
3 <=200& <=50 6-11.9
4 <=100& <=20 >12
SOFA score Cardiovascular system Central nervous system Kidneys
Hypotension [Glasgow Coma Score Scale](calc:1171) Creatinine, mg/dL or urine output ml/day
0 >No hypotension >15 <1.2
1 [MAP](calc:587) <70 mm Hg 13-14 1.2-1.9
2 Dop<=5 or dob (any dose)$ 10-12 2-3.4
3 Dop>5 or epi<=0.1, or norepi<=0.1$ 6-9 3.5-4.9 or <500
4 Dop>15 or epi>0.1, or norepi>0.1$ <6 >5 or <200


  • & - values are with respiratory support
  • $ - adrenergic agents administered for at least 1 hour (doses given are in μg/kg per minute)
  • FIO2 - fraction of inspired oxygen
  • Norepi - norepinephrine
  • Dob - dobutamine
  • Dop - dopamine
  • Epi - epinephrine

How to interpret SOFA score?

The evaluation of the SOFA score throughout an ICU stay is a good prognostic indicator. However, independent of the initial score, an increase in the measured value during the first 48 hours of ICU admission indicates a mortality rate of at least 50%.

In the tables below, you will find information on how to interpret the SOFA score's results: initial, highest, and mean SOFA score. This information is based on

SOFA Score Mortality Rate (%), Initial score Mortality Rate (%), Highest score
0-1 0 0
2-3 6.4 1.5
4-5 20.2 6.7
6-7 21.5 18.2
8-9 33.3 26.3
10-11 50 45.8
12-14 95.2 80
>14 95.2 89.7
Mean SOFA Score Mortality Rate (%)
0-1 1.2
1.1-2 5.4
2.1-3 20
3.1-4 36.1
4.1-5 73.1
>5.1 84.4


We try our best to make our Omni Calculators as precise and reliable as possible. However, this tool can never replace a professional medical advice.

Joanna Michałowska, PhD candidate
Respiratory system
≥400 (53.3)
mmHg (kPa)
<1.2 (20)
Cardiovascular system
MAP ≥70 mmHg
Central nervous system
Glasgow Coma Scale score
Creatinine level or urine output
Creatinine <1.2 mg/dL (<110 μmol/L)
Total SOFA score
Check the tables in the article to find out the mortality rate associated with your patient's score.
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