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Last updated: Aug 17, 2022

This sodium correction calculator fixes the results of serum sodium (Na⁺) measurements that can be a little distorted in states of hyperglycemia. The values needed for the estimation are the patient's serum sodium and blood glucose.

Read on to learn how to calculate corrected sodium and to understand the formula for sodium correction.

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Why does hyperglycemia affect sodium levels?

In the state of hyperglycemia – high blood sugar concentration – water moves from the intracellular to the extracellular space to dilute the excess glucose. This shift can cause a relative decrease in serum sodium level.

How to calculate corrected sodium?

  1. Insert the patient's serum sodium level (Na⁺). If the test results are in mmol/L, they are equal to the values in mEq/L.
  2. Type in the blood glucose level in the preferred unit. You can change it by clicking on the unit symbol. You can also use our glucose unit converter.
  3. The calculated corrected sodium is presented in the last field.
  4. If you'd like to see the result when using an older version of the equation, click on the advanced mode button.

If you plan to correct the patient's hypo- or hypernatremia, use our sodium correction rate calculator.

What is the corrected sodium formula?

The equation was developed by Dr. Teresa A. Hillier and described in the article Hyponatremia: evaluating the correction factor for hyperglycemia in 1998.

corrected sodium level = serum_Na⁺ + 0.024 × (serum_glucose - 100)

In the advanced mode of the calculator, you can find an older version of the corrected sodium formula. It is an equation developed in 1973 by Dr. Murray A. Katz - Hyperglycemia-Induced Hyponatremia — Calculation of Expected Serum Sodium Depression.

corrected sodium level = serum_Na⁺ + 0.016 × (serum_glucose - 100)

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