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Churn Rate Calculator

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How to use this churn rate calculatorHow to calculate churn rateWhat is a good churn rate?

This churn rate calculator helps you instantly determine your churn rate. But, what is a churn rate? Your churn rate provides you with additional insights about your clientele by calculating the percentage of them lost at the end of a given period. This data is crucial if you seek to understand SaaS metrics (more about them in the SaaS metrics calculator), such as how many customers have stopped purchasing your products, using your applications, or visiting your website.

If this sounds interesting to you, you will love this article! Here we will discuss key concepts such as how to use this churn rate calculator, how to use the churn rate formula, and what a good churn rate is.

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How to use this churn rate calculator

If you are wondering how to use this churn rate calculator, it's effortless! To instantly obtain your churn rate, our calculator only needs a few critical pieces of information:

  1. Your number of customers at the start of a period;
  2. Your number of customers lost during a period or number of customers at the end of a period;
  3. All values should greater than or equal to 0 for the correct use of the churn rate formula; and
  4. Eventually, our tool will use the churn rate definition to quickly find the result you're looking for.

You can use this calculator in any set order. As long as you enter the critical pieces of information, this calculator will produce your churn rate or any other variable. This rate is beneficial for any business looking to increase its profits and customer retention. Test it out; all your results will be produced instantly!

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How to calculate churn rate

Using the churn rate formula may seem daunting, but the process is easy in reality. Enter the two customer totals obtained at the beginning and end of a given period into the calculator value fields. The churn rate formula is:

  • churn rate = lost / start × 100


  • churn rate – Churn rate expressed in percentages;
  • start – Number of costumers at start of the period; and
  • lost – Number of customers lost during the period.

This calculator seamlessly performs this churn rate formula and can help you better understand your user base. Enter your values and get your results! Now that you know how to determine your churn rate, would you like to revise your business expenses? If so, you may like to test out our business budget calculator.

💡 Are you interested in learning how to calculate your customer lifetime from your churn rate? All you need to do is use the following formula:

Customer Lifetime = 1 / Customer Churn Rate

The customer lifetime is an extremely important metric because it depicts the average length of time a consumer is your customer, i.e., how long they stay with you.

What is a good churn rate?

You may be interested in knowing not only what a churn rate is and how to calculate it, but also knowing just what is a good churn rate? Ideally, the best possible rate for a churn rate would be 0. Therefore, in a nutshell, a good churn rate is as close to zero as possible. Test out our churn rate calculator to see just how close you come to reaching that number.

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