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Using our rug size calculator, you can obtain suitable rug measurements for your room based on the style of the rug and also calculate its cost based on the total size of the rug.

Furthermore, we will tell you about different rug sizes normally available in the market, so you can decide if you want a custom rug or buy a standard size based on your budget.

How to use the rug size calculator

Rugs are the new make-up for our floors, just as the picture frames are for our walls and blinds are for our windows. They add a contemporary style or vibrance to our rooms, which is aesthetically pleasing. Rugs also offer cushion comfort and warmth for our bare feet in chilly winters.

Rugs come in many styles. Our calculator will help you measure rug sizes for areas of different dimensions in several shapes. Before we proceed, please record the length and width of the area where you'll be placing the rug.

Let us provide the necessary guidelines to help you make the most of our rug size calculator.

  1. Choose your preferred rug style:

    • Rug style tells our calculator the shape of your rug.

      You can choose between the following:

      • Rectangle

      • Square

      • Runner

      • Circle

      • Oval

      • Octagon

    • Bare floor perimeter:

      Do you want to cover the entire floor or only a portion of it? The default value of 1.5 feet means leaving 1.5 feet around the rug's perimeter. Visit Omni's floor area ratio calculator for more.

  2. Enter floor dimensions:

    • Enter your room width in the first field, e.g., 12 ft.

    • Enter your room length in the second field, e.g., 16 ft.

    • The tool will then calculate the square footage and display it in area size, i.e., 192 sq. ft.

    • Any extrusions in the room? (advanced mode)

      Add the extrusion width and length if you have an object against the wall that reduces the available floor space, e.g., a fireplace or a fixed cupboard.

  3. Custom rug size:

    • Once you've entered your floor dimensions, your custom rug length, rug width, and rug size will be displayed.

      Under preferred rug style, the default floor to leave uncovered in our rug size calculator is 1.5 ft. Thus, in which case, our custom rectangle rug size equals 10.5 × 14.5 ft, i.e., 152.2 sq. ft.

🙋 If we want to buy a standard rug from the market, the closest matching rug size standard for a surface of 12 ft × 16 ft, leaving 1.5 ft of surface uncovered, is displayed below the result as 10 ft × 14 ft.

  1. Rug cost calculator:

    • In cost per unit area, enter the price per area of the rug.

    • And you will see the Total rug cost based on your custom rug size.

Manually measuring rug area and sizes for different surfaces

To manually calculate an area rug size for various shapes, we will use the following base formula, followed by an example:

Base formula:

  • Area(r)=W(r)×L(r)Area _{(r)} = W _{(r)} × L _{(r)}

    This can be subdivided divided into:

  • W(r)=W(s)W(e)U(s)W_{(r)} = W_{(s)} - W_{(e)} - U_{(s)}

  • L(r)=L(s)L(e)U(s)L_{(r)} = L_{(s)} - L_{(e)} - U_{(s)}


  • Area(r)Area _{(r)} – Total size of the rug;

  • L(r)W(r)L _{(r)} | W _{(r)} – Respective length and width of the rug;

  • L(s)W(s)L _{(s)} | W _{(s)} – Respective surface length or width where we want to place the rug;

  • L(e)W(e)L _{(e)} | W _{(e)} – Respective extrusion on the surface length or width; and

  • U(s)U_{(s)} – Amount of surface we don't wish to cover.

Now, let's calculate some area rug sizes in different shapes.

  1. Rectangle rug

    If you want to calculate a rug size for your dining room of 15 ft × 10 ft, leaving 1 ft fireplace extrusion from the width, and 1.5 ft surface uncovered, place the given values in the formula, to get:

    W(r)=1511.5=12.5W_{(r)} = 15 - 1 - 1.5 = 12.5
    L(r)=1001.5=8.5L_{(r)} = 10 - 0 - 1.5 = 8.5

    Area(r)=12.5 ft×8.5 ftArea _{(r)} = 12.5\ \text{ft} \times 8.5\ \text{ft}

    Calculating the area of a rectangle rug for our dining room, we get 106.25 sq. ft.106.25\ \text{sq. ft.}

  1. Square rug

    What is the size of an area rug for a living room of 12 ft × 14 ft when leaving 2 ft of surface uncovered from all sides?

    The square rugs are calculated the same way as rectangle rugs, except we measure our rug around the shorter side of the surface.

    W(r)=1202=10W_{(r)} = 12 - 0 - 2 = 10
    L(r)=1202=10L_{(r)} = 12 - 0 - 2 = 10

    Area(r)=10 ft×10 ftArea _{(r)} = 10\ \text{ft} \times 10\ \text{ft}

    Calculating the area of a square rug for our living room, we get 100 sq. ft.100\ \text{sq. ft.}

    We can also measure this area rug size in inches, where 1 sq. ft. = 144 sq. in., thus:

    100 sq. ft.=14,399.5 sq. in.100\ \text{sq. ft.} = 14,399.5\ \text{sq. in.}

  1. Runner rug

    Standard runner rugs generally have a width between 2 and 3 ft, primarily used in hallways and kitchens.

    If you want a custom kitchen runner rug, multiply the length of your floor, e.g., 12 ft, with your preferred runner width, e.g., 3 ft, and you'll get the size of your runner rug, i.e., 36 ft.

    Area(r)=3 ft×12 ftArea _{(r)} = 3\ \text{ft} \times 12\ \text{ft}

    The area of our runner rug is 36 sq. ft.36\ \text{sq. ft.}

  1. Circle rug

    Suppose you have an area of 5 ft x 7 ft, where you want to place a circle rug, and you want to find the size of this area rug in inches.

    The circle rugs are calculated the same way as square rugs, where we measure our rug around the shorter side of the surface.

    We calculate the area of a circle rug using the following formula:

    • Area(r)=π(W(r)2)2Area _{(r)} = \pi \left(\frac{W _{(r)}}{2}\right)^2


    • π\pi – Constant with an approximate value of 3.14159.

    Inputting the values:

    Area(r)=3.14159×(5/2)2Area _{(r)} = 3.14159 ×(5/2)^2

    (For our rug to fit, we take the smaller side of our area as the diameter.)

    Thus the required area of our circle rug is 19.6 sq. ft.19.6\ \text{sq. ft.}

    Multiplying this result by 144, we get 2822.4 sq. in.2822.4\ \text{sq. in.}

  1. Oval rug

    How about calculating the dining room rug size of 15 ft × 10 ft, leaving 3 ft of the surface uncovered from all sides.

    First calculate the new length and width of the rug:

    W(r)=1503=12W_{(r)} = 15 - 0 - 3 = 12
    L(r)=1003=7L_{(r)} = 10 - 0 - 3 = 7

    Then, we calculate the area of an oval rug using the following formula:

    • Area(r)=π(W(r)2×L(r)2)Area _{(r)} = \pi \left(\frac{W _{(r)}}{2} × \frac{L _{(r)}}{2}\right)

    Substituting the values we get:

    Area(r)=π×(122×72)Area _{(r)} = \pi × (\frac{12}{2} × \frac{7}{2})

    Thus, the area of our oval rug is 66 sq. ft.66\ \text{sq. ft.}

  1. Octagon rug

    Let's calculate the rug size of an octagon rug for a room that has the dimensions 6 ft x 6 ft.

    We first multiply the shorter side of our surface with 0.4142 to get one of the eight sides of our octagon. Then take its square and multiply it by 4.8284 to get our octagon side.

    Area(r)=(W(s)×0.414)2×4.83Area _{(r)}= {(W _{(s)} \times 0.414)}^2 \times 4.83

    Inputting the values in the formula, we get:

    Area(r)=(6×0.414)2×4.83Area _{(r)}= {(6 \times 0.414)}^2 \times 4.83

    Thus, calculating the area of an octagon rug for our desired surface, we get 29.8 sq. ft.29.8\ \text{sq. ft.}

🙋 Pssst... If you feel you need a refresher on the math formulas that appeared above, check out our area calculator.

How to calculate rug pad size

Rug pad size is the padding underneath your rug that keeps it from slipping, unlike carpets that are glued to the floor.

To calculate rug pad size, subtract an inch (2.5 cm) from all four sides of your rug.

We hope you now understand how to calculate the pad and rug sizes for different shapes. Next, we'll give you an idea of some standard area rug measurements.

How big is a rug? – normal rug sizes

Here are some height × width rug standards to help you understand how big a rug is available in a particular shape and size. All measurements are in feet.

Rectangle & oval rug sizes:

  • 5′ × 3′
  • 6′ × 4′
  • 8′ × 5′
  • 9′ × 6′
  • 10′ × 8′
  • 12′ × 9′
  • 14′ × 10′
  • 15′ × 12′
  • 18′ × 12′

Square, circle & octagon rug sizes:

  • 4′ × 4′
  • 6′ × 6′
  • 8′ × 8′
  • 10′ × 10′
  • 12′ × 12′

Runner rug sizes:

  • 6′ × 2′
  • 8′ × 2′
  • 10′ × 2′
  • 8′ × 2.5
  • 10′ × 2.5′
  • 12′ × 2.5′
  • 10′ × 3′
  • 12′ × 3′
  • 15′ × 3′

Should a standard rug size not meet your requirement, you can always choose a custom rug size.


How to choose a rug size?

  1. Measure the area length and width where you want to place the rug, leaving 2 feet on both sides.
  2. Then multiply the measured length and width to get your rectangle area rug size.

For example, the perfect rug size for a room of 12 ft x14 ft is 10 ft x 12 ft, i.e., 120 ft2.

How do I find the area rug size for a living room?

To find the size of an area rug for the living room:

  1. First, measure the length and width of your living room.
  2. Remove two feet from both measurements.
  3. Multiply the resulting length and width.
  4. You have your rectangle area rug size for the living room.

For example, if your living room is 10 ft x 12 ft, you need an area rug of 8 ft x 10 ft, i.e., 80 ft2.

What are standard kitchen runner rug sizes?

The standard kitchen runner rug sizes are:

  • 6′ x 2′
  • 8′ x 2′
  • 10′ x 2′

If you have a large kitchen:

  • 8′ x 2.5′
  • 10′ x 2.5′
  • 12′ x 2.5′

And if you have an enormous kitchen:

  • 10′ x 3′
  • 12′ x 3′
  • 15′ x 3′

What is a rug pad size?

Rug pad size is the padding underneath your rug that keeps it from slipping, unlike carpets that glue to the surface. To calculate rug pad size, subtract an inch from all four sides of your rug.

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