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Reverse Time Calculator

Created by Mateusz Mucha
Reviewed by Steven Wooding
Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

The reverse time calculator answers a simple question: if something occurs X times per some unit of time, how many times will it happen per different unit? We are using current frequency as a predictor of future events. In other words, how often this thing occurs is a constant value.

🙋 To read more about reverse units, head to our frequency calculator.

How to use reverse time calculator? An example

Suppose I know that Omni Calculator's website received 45,000 visits from search engines this week. A week is a perfect time unit to measure for us since the traffic strongly follows a weekly pattern (weekends are quiet, and working days are when people come in larger numbers).

While monthly traffic is less interesting for me – a month is a less uniform unit (28-31 days, different number of weekend days, etc.) – I often want to know the number: "how many visits do we have per month"? It comes up in conversations, as it's a base unit of time in many fields, for reasons unknown to me. Why are salaries usually paid per month? Why are services billed monthly?

To solve the initial problem, the reverse time calculator lets me enter 45,000 in the "/week" field, and I immediately know that over the course of an average month, it would mean 195,665 visits. Incidentally, before I made this calculator, I would simply use a regular calculator like this: 45,000 × 30.5 / 7, which produces 196,071, which is close enough for my needs.

However, this reverse time calculator completely ignores any growth factor. Use the exponential growth prediction calculator to see what some value would be if it grows by a certain percentage in a given period of time.

The compound interest calculator does a similar thing, but it measures something per amount of time, not per unit of time. And finally, the rule of 72 calculator simply tells you how much time something needs to double if it follows an exponential growth pattern.


What is an inverse seconds equal to?

One hertz (1 Hz), in terms of physical units. One inverse second equals 60 inverse minutes, 3,600 inverse hours, 86,400 inverse days, and 604,800 inverse weeks.

What is 90 inverse seconds to inverse minutes?

90 occurrences over a second equal 5,400 over a minute. You need to multiply the initial value by sixty because one minute is a 60 times longer period than a second.

How do I calculate the monthly income from a yearly salary?

To estimate the monthly income:

  1. Get the yearly salary.
  2. Divide it by twelve.
  3. That's it - the result is the monthly income!

This is because one month is roughly one-twelfth of a year. In general, if one unit of time is x times bigger than the other, the corresponding inverse time is x times lower than its counterpart.

Which is bigger: One over a second or one over a minute?

One over a second. If something repeats once each second, it means that it repeats 60 times in a minute. Or, if a wheel makes one revolution every minute, it makes only 1/60 turn in a second.

What is the inverse of time?

The frequency. The most common frequency unit is hertz which equals one over a second. The frequency decreases when the reverse time unit increases, so one over an hour is lower than one over a second.

Mateusz Mucha
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