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Vinyl Fence Cost Calculator

Created by Kenneth Alambra
Reviewed by Komal Rafay
Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

Finding out how much a vinyl fence project will cost and what you'll need is very fast and easy with this vinyl fence cost calculator. Whenever we decide to renovate our home, we almost always want to do it cost-efficiently and promptly. In this vinyl fence cost estimator, we'll discuss the following topics:

  • Why choose a vinyl fence;
  • How to use this vinyl fence cost calculator;
  • How to calculate vinyl fence cost; and
  • Some frequently asked questions.

Keep on reading to start learning.

💡 If you're new to vinyl fences, our vinyl fence calculator will help you learn the distinct parts of prefabricated vinyl fences.

Why choose a vinyl fence?

A vinyl fence is a fast and innovative way to fence a property. With its prefabricated panels and posts that require minor efforts to assemble (depending on its design), installing prefabricated vinyl fence lessens labor work and total costs in the long run.

However, due to the process the materials undergo during their designing and manufacturing process, vinyl fence materials could be a little bit more expensive than traditional wooden or concrete fences. To avoid excess materials and unnecessary costs for the fence materials, we've made our vinyl fence calculator for your convenience.

In the next section of this text, we'll discuss how to use this vinyl fence cost estimator.

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How to use this vinyl fence cost calculator

Using this vinyl fence cost estimator is very straightforward. All you have to do is enter your fence details, which include the total fence length and fence height.

Then, specify your vinyl fence panel and post details, including the panel length, panel height, and column width.

Once you've done all these, our tool will provide you with the number of materials you'll need for your fencing project.

Finally, enter the unit prices of the materials you'll need. Upon doing so, our vinyl fence cost calculator will display the total material cost of your vinyl fence project.


How do I calculate the cost of a vinyl fence?

To calculate the vinyl fence cost, we need to find the sum of the products of each material price and the material quantity. Let's say we'll need the following material quantities and their costs:

  • 30 columns ($20 each);
  • 116 panels ($18 each); and
  • 29 tie beams ($12 each).

We can calculate the cost of our example vinyl fence using this equation:

total material cost = $20 × 30 + $18 × 116 + $12 × 29 = $3,036

How much does a 100-foot vinyl fence cost?

A 100-foot vinyl fence can cost around $1,500 to $2,000. This price varies depending on the manufacturer and the fence height you want to build. A 6-foot-high 100-foot vinyl fence using 7-foot long panels that are 1.5 feet tall would require about 48 panels, 13 columns, and 12 tie beams. Let's say each panel costs $20, each column costs $25, and each tie beam costs $15. We would then need about $20 × 48 + $25 × 13 + $15 × 12 = $1,465.

Kenneth Alambra
Fence details
Fence length
Fence height
Fence component details
Panel length
Panel height
Column width
Fence configuration
Layers of fence panels
Fence component requirements
Columns needed
↳ Price per piece
↳ Total cost of columns
Panels needed
↳ Price per panel
↳ Total cost of panels
Tie beams needed
↳ Price per piece
↳Total cost of tie beams
✔ Total material cost
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