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Mulch Calculator

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The mulch calculator makes it easy to answer a basic question when it's time for the final touch on your landscaping job - "How much mulch do I need?" Use our mulch calculator to get the answer and save yourself from having to make another trip to the garden center!

How much mulch do I need?

The total amount of mulch you will need is the surface area multiplied by the thickness of the layer of mulch. This way we get the volume that needs to be filled with mulch. This is the same idea at work in the concrete calculator.

  1. First, get the total surface area by entering the length and width of the space that needs to be covered with mulch (it's an easy square footage calculation).
  2. Add the depth, or thickness of mulch, that you want to cover it in.
  3. Now you have a total amount of mulch.
  4. Divide this number by the size of the bags and you'll know exactly how many bags of mulch you need.
  5. Or just use our mulch calculator :-)

How many bags of mulch in a yard?

Bag sizes vary according to the type of mulch but the industry standard is two cubic feet. One cubic yard is twenty-seven cubic feet so fourteen standard bags are needed for each cubic yard.

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Mulch Calculator