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What is lumber?What type of lumber do I need?How to use this lumber calculatorFAQs

Our lumber calculator is your go-to tool for measuring and pricing lumber for your projects. If you're wondering, "What does lumber mean?" or "What type of lumber do I need?" — we've got you covered.

Easily calculate the volume, total length, and cost of your lumber. And if you've ever asked, "Can you burn pressure-treated lumber?" — our tool helps ensure you select the right materials safely!

What is lumber?

Lumber refers to wood that has been processed into beams, planks, and other shapes suitable for construction and carpentry.

It starts as raw timber, which is then cut, dried, and (often) treated for durability. Lumber is used in building everything from homes and furniture to decks and fences. It's a versatile material that comes in various sizes and types, each suited for specific applications. So next time someone asks you what does lumber mean? you can answer with confidence!

If you're planning a project and need to make measurements, our lumber calculator can help. Additionally, if you're interested in measuring wood in board feet, we also offer a board foot calculator!

What type of lumber do I need?

Our lumber calculator is a great but very general tool. If you want to calculate lumber categorized by specific tree types, visit our lumber weight calculator.

So, what type of lumber do you need? When choosing lumber, consider the following factors:

  • Purpose — Calculate lumber with it's purpose in your mind. Different projects require different types of wood.
  • Strength — Hardwoods like oak are stronger than softwoods like pine.
  • Durability — Treated lumber resists weather and insects better.
  • Appearance — How to use lumber? The way you like it! Choose wood with the right color and grain for your project.
  • Cost — Prices vary widely between wood types.
  • Availability — Ensure the wood type is available in your area.

Analyzing these factors will help you select the right lumber for your needs.

🙋 Planning an outdoor project? Check out our decking calculator for your deck measurements and our wood fencing calculator for perfect fence planning!

How to use this lumber calculator

Our lumber calculator helps you calculate the volume and total length of your lumber, making your project planning easy and precise. To use the calculator, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the length of one piece of lumber.
  2. Enter the width of one piece of lumber.
  3. Enter the thickness of one piece of lumber.
  4. Specify the number of lumber pieces.

The calculator will then show:

  • Total volume — The combined volume for all pieces
  • Total length — The combined length of all pieces, which can be handy in some cases

Additionally, we have a Price section below these calculations (click or tap to open). Input the price for one piece of lumber, and our tool will display the total cost for the entire quantity of lumber. This feature is particularly useful for budgeting your projects and ensuring you have accurate cost estimates.

Whether you’re building a deck, fence, or any other project, our lumber calculator simplifies the process, saving you time and effort. Give it a try and see how easy it is to get precise measurements and costs for your lumber needs!


Can I burn pressure-treated lumber?

No, you should not burn pressure-treated lumber 😉. Can you burn pressure-treated lumber? Technically, yes, but it's unsafe. Burning it releases toxic chemicals into the air, which can harm your health and the environment.

What is the volume of 10 boards measuring 2 m × 0.3 m × 0.05 m?

The volume of 10 boards measuring 2 m × 0.3 m × 0.05 m is 0.3 cubic meters. This is calculated by multiplying the dimensions of one board (0.03 m³) by the quantity (10).

How do I calculate lumber volume?

To calculate lumber volume, follow these steps:

  1. Understand "what does lumber mean" — processed wood used in construction.
  2. Measure the length, width, and thickness of the lumber.
  3. Multiply these dimensions together to get the volume of one piece.

This method ensures accurate volume calculations for any lumber project.

How do I use lumber?

To use lumber, just cut, hammer, and build! From furniture to fences, let your inner carpenter shine. Remember — measure twice, cut once! 🌳

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