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Jump Rope Calorie Calculator

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How to use the jump rope calorie calculator?How many calories does jumping rope burn?What is MET?What are the benefits of jumping rope? Is jump rope good cardio?FAQs

Welcome to the jump rope calorie calculator. It doesn't matter whether you want to jump rope for weight loss, to get some cardio in, or to start a jump rope before-and-after a journey. Our jump rope calorie calculator will motivate you to spend some time doing one of the most efficient exercises out there by teaching you about the many benefits of jumping rope, chief of which is how jumping rope is good cardio.

So, let's jump to it! … Sorry! 🤣

How to use the jump rope calorie calculator?

We understand — you're in a rush to get back to skipping rope. That's why we made this jump rope calorie calculator!

  1. Pick a jump rate — The more skips per minute, the higher the metabolic equivalent of the task (MET), and the more remarkable results your jump rope cardio session will deliver!

  2. Enter your weight — If your goal with jumping rope is to lose weight, you'll be happy to hear that jumping rope burns calories at a higher rate the more you weigh.

  3. Enter how long you've been jumping — Jumping for longer will burn more calories.

  4. If you want, you can work backward! Given your weight, jumping rate, and how many calories you want to burn in a session, you can determine how long you'd need to keep jumping. Time for some jump rope cardio!

Remember, what we colloquially refer to as "calories" are actually "kilocalories" or "kcal", so keep that in mind when interpreting the jump rope calorie calculator's results.

How many calories does jumping rope burn?

Just like with any exercise, you can calculate how many calories jumping rope burns per minute with this simple formula:

calorie rate=MET×weight×7/400\scriptsize \text{calorie rate} = \text{MET} \times \text{weight} \times 7 / 400

Let's break down these values:

  • calorie rate\text{calorie rate}Rate at which you burn calories. Here, it's in calories per minute, which is a unit of power.

  • MET\text{MET} — Represents the exercise's intensity. Its exact value depends on how fast you're skipping; for a typical jumping rate of 100–120 skips per minute, MET=11.8\text{MET} = 11.8. You can read more about what MET means in its dedicated section further down.

  • weight\text{weight} — Your weight in kilograms.

Then, if you time your rope skipping sessions, you can calculate the total number of calories you've burned with the equation:

calories burned=calorie rate×time\scriptsize \text{calories burned} = \text{calorie rate} \times \text{time}

with time\text{time} in minutes so that the time units align.

Skipping rope is on par with both running calories burned and cycling calories burned, but you can do it in one spot instead of needing wide swaths of running space.

What is MET?

The MET of an activity represents how much energy you expend relatively to sitting still. It's an acronym for the more definitive term "Metabolic Equivalent (of the) Task". A higher MET means an activity costs more energy to perform.

A major benefit of jumping rope is its high MET. Jumping rope at just an average pace has an MET of 11.8 — this means you spend 11.8 times as much energy jumping rope as you do sitting at home, watching TV. No wonder skipping rope is such good cardio!

You can consult this handy table to see how your jumping rate corresponds to MET.

Skipping rate


100 skips/minute or less


100–120 skips/minute


120–160 skips/minute


What are the benefits of jumping rope? Is jump rope good cardio?

As we've already seen, jumping rope burns calories like few other exercises can. Therefore, a great benefit of jumping rope is weight loss — just look at the jump rope before-and-after photos on the Internet! Jump rope is good cardio, and doing just 100 jump ropes a day for long enough can have a massive impact on your fitness. What's more, 100 rope jumps a day is only one minute. Jump for ten, and you'll burn through 150 calories! Don't believe it? You can test this claim by doing the math or by using our jump rope calorie calculator.


How many calories can I burn jumping rope?

You burn 17 calories for every minute you skip rope. This number assumes your weight is 181 pounds (that of the average American) and that you're skipping at a pace of 120 skips per minute. Both your weight and your skipping rate influence how many calories you burn per minute.

How many calories are burned by doing 1000 jump ropes?

You burn roughly 170 calories by doing 1,000 jump ropes. We assume that your 1,000 jumps are done in roughly 10 minutes, although the number shouldn't change by much if you take more or less time. We also assume you're of average weight. If you weigh more, you'll burn more calories with your 1,000 jumps.

How many calories are burned by jumping rope for 15 minutes?

You can burn up to 300 calories for jumping rope for 15 minutes. The exact number would be determined by your weight and how fast you skip, but you can expect to shed between 240 and 300 calories on average.

What burns more calories — running or jumping rope?

Running and jumping rope burn calories at roughly an equal rate, although this depends on the intensity of the exercises. We measure this with MET, which represents how many times faster you spend energy doing an exercise. Running at 7 miles per hour and doing roughly 110 skips per minute burns calories at an equal rate, as both exercises have an MET of about 11.8 at these intensities.

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