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The wave velocity calculator helps you determine how fast a wave propagates through the medium. The velocity of a wave is a function of its wavelength and frequency. When you hit a metal rod with a hammer, the sound wave originates and propagates through the rod from one face to another. This sound wave is a longitudinal wave that depends on Young's modulus and the density of the material (refer, density calculator). Read on to understand how to calculate the velocity of a wave using its wavelength.

What is wave velocity?

The wave velocity, which we denote as vv, is a measure of how fast a wave travels across the medium. And longitudinal waves travel much faster as they have a longer wavelength. Wave velocity is a function of wavelength, λ\lambda, and frequency, ff. The wave velocity formula we use to quantify it is:

v=λ×fv = \lambda \times f

Using the wave velocity calculator

Let's calculate the velocity of a wave having a frequency of 15 Hz and a wavelength of 0.5 m.

  1. Enter the wave frequency, ff.
  2. Fill in the wavelength, λ\lambda.
  3. The calculator will return the wavenumber (the reciprocal of wavelength) as 22 and wave velocity, vv as 7.5 m/s7.5 \text{ m/s}.

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How do I calculate wave velocity?

To calculate wave velocity:

  1. Note down the wave's frequency and wavelength.
  2. Make sure the wave's frequency is in Hertz, and the wavelength is in meters.
  3. Find the product of the frequency and wavelength to obtain the wave velocity in meters per second.

What is the wave velocity of light in vacuum?

The wave velocity of light in a vacuum is 299,792,458 m/s. That implies that a wave with a frequency of 10 Mhz would have a wavelength equivalent to v / λ = 29.98 m.

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