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Moskovic DJ, Eisenberg ML, Lipshultz LI Seasonal Fluctuations in Testosterone-Estrogen Ratio in Men From the Southwest United States Journal of Andrology (Jan 2013)See 5 more sources
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Last updated: Aug 22, 2022

The calculation of testosterone to estradiol ratio, also known as T/E2, is a parameter linked to a whole spectrum of male health aspects, primarily associated with sexual functions. The values needed for the estimation are free testosterone (T) and estradiol (E2) concentrations. You can also use the calculator to convert estradiol and testosterone measurement units.

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How is testosterone to estradiol ratio calculated?

The formula itself is straightforward:

ratio = testosterone / estradiol

The tricky part is that before calculating the testosterone to estradiol ratio, both hormone concentrations need to be expressed in the same units. They're generally presented in different ways: testosterone in ng/dL and estradiol in pg/mL.

There's no fixed range for the ratio value. It's important that testosterone (10-35 nmol/L or 300-1000 ng/dL) and estradiol levels (50-200 pmol/L or 14-55 pg/mL) are within normal ranges.

There is an engaging article by Drs. Moskovic, Eisenberg, and Lipschultz on the topic of T/E2 ratio fluctuations (see the first source at the top of this page).

What unit is testosterone measured in?

The most frequently used testosterone unit of measurement is ng/dL (nanogram per deciliter), and the international standard is nmol/L (nanomole per liter).

The conversion of its concentration is calculated by using these formulae:

1 nmol/L = 1000 pmol/L = 28.85 ng/dL


1 ng/dL = 0.03466 nmol/L = 34.66 pmol/L

You could expect the conversion of estradiol units to be conducted in the same way. However, the concentration of every substance is calculated differently. For estradiol, you do it this way:

1 pmol/L = 0.2724 pg/mL


1 pg/mL = 3.6713 pmol/L

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What is testosterone to estradiol ratio?

According to scientific research, the T/E2 ratio is a parameter linked to various aspects of male health:

  • Male coronary heart disease development.

  • Development of ameliorate depressive symptoms.

  • Atherosclerosis development.

  • Infertility treatment prognosis.

  • Prediction of low libido and erectile dysfunctions.

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