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Created by Bogna Szyk and Aleksandra Zając, MD
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Based on research by
George J Schwartz, Dana F Work Measurement and estimation of GFR in children and adolescents Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (Oct 2009)See 1 more source
George J. Schwartz, Michael F. Schneider, Paula S. Maier, Marva Moxey-Mims, Vikas R. Dharnidharka, Bradley Warady, Susan L. Furth, and Alvaro Muñoz Improved equations estimating GFR in children with chronic kidney disease using an immunonephelometric determination of cystatin C Kidney International (Feb 2013)
Last updated: Jun 05, 2023

This pediatric GFR calculator is a version of our GFR calculator that is targeted for patients who are 18 years old or younger. There is a substantial difference in how this indicator is calculated for adults and children; read on to discover what it is and become familiar with the proper formulas.

We try our best to make our Omni Calculators as precise and reliable as possible. However, this tool can never replace a professional doctor's assessment. If any health condition bothers you, consult a physician.

What is GFR?

Glomerular filtration rate, or GFR for short, is a test for determining kidney disease risk. It can be calculated from your blood test results (from creatinine levels, to be precise).

The unit of GFR is mL/min/1.73m². The value 1.73m² is the standardized body area. Because the body area is different for kids at various ages, the equations listed below take into consideration the height factor.

Are you interested in counting the body surface area (BSA)? Try our tool, BSA calculator, for that!

How to calculate GFR

According to the National Kidney Foundation, there are three main ways to estimate the GFR of children. Our pediatric GFR calculator uses all of them so that you can compare all results and see whether all of them are in the normal range.

1. Creatinine-based “Bedside Schwartz” equation (2009)

This is the standard - and the best method - for estimating GFR in children aged 1-18. Since it was updated in 2009, it no longer returns overestimated results.

GFR = 41.3 × (height / Scr)


  • height is expressed in meters; and
  • SCr is the level of standardized serum creatinine in mg/dL.

2. Cystatin C-based equation (2012)

This formula uses the level of serum cystatin C instead of the creatinine indicator. It is an excellent confirmatory test and a recommended one if the levels of creatinine are fluctuating.

eGFR = 70.69 × Scys-0.931


  • Scys is the level of standardized serum cystatin C in mg/L.

3. Creatinine-Cystatin C-based CKiD equation (2012)

This test uses both creatinine and cystatin C indicators. It is an excellent confirmatory test, too.

GFR = 39.8 × (height/Scr)0.456 × (1.8/Scys)0.418 × (30/BUN)0.079 × a × (height/1.4)0.179


  • height is expressed in meters;
  • a is a coefficient dependent on sex: 1 for females, 1.076 for males;
  • BUN is the level of blood urea nitrogen in mg/dL;
  • Scys is the level of standardized serum cystatin C in mg/L;
  • SCr is the level of standardized serum creatinine in mg/dL.

What levels of GFR are alarming?

The table below shows the typical values of GFR on different stages of kidney malfunction.

eGFR [mL/min/1.73m²]

Kidney function

90 or above

No kidney damage or mild kidney damage with normal kidney function


Kidney damage with mild loss of kidney function


Mild to moderate loss of kidney function


Moderate to severe loss of kidney function


Severe loss of kidney function


Kidney failure

Bogna Szyk and Aleksandra Zając, MD
Serum Creatinine
Serum Cystatin C
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