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Created by Rijk de Wet and Aleksandra Zając, MD
Reviewed by Wojciech Sas, PhD and Steven Wooding
Last updated: Apr 23, 2024

Welcome to the face shape calculator! Your face's shape influences various personal style choices, like what hairstyle would look good on you and what sunglasses size fits you best. But what face shape do you have? Is your face square-shaped, or is your face heart-shaped? How do you determine face shape, anyway? Read on, and we'll learn:

  • What face shapes there are;
  • How to determine your face shape;
  • What your face shape is; and
  • How to use our face shape calculator.

We try our best to make our Omni Calculators as precise and reliable as possible. However, this tool can never replace a professional doctor's assessment. If any health condition bothers you, consult a physician.

How to use the face shape calculator

Whether you're male or female, the face shape calculator will determine your face shape in a jiffy. Here's how to use it:

  1. Select your gender (optional). There are no separate female and male face shape calculators, but selecting your gender will personalize some aspects of the face shape calculator.

  2. Measure your face, using the images in the face shape calculator as a reference. Make sure to do this in front of a mirror in a well-lit room. You need four measurements:

    • The width of your forehead at its widest point, usually halfway between your hairline and your eyebrows.

    • The width of your cheeks, or the distance between the outer corners of your eyes.

    • The length of your jawline, measured from your chin to the outer edge of your ear.

    • The length of your face, measured from the start of your hairline to the tip of your chin.

  3. Select your face's level of sharpness. Sharper faces have more straight lines and hard angles, while rounder faces have more curves and softer lines.

With these details about your face, the face shape calculator will tell you which face shape it thinks you are. Also, check out our body shape calculator to determine your body type.

🙋 Faces and their shapes (as with most body parts) are highly subjective. If you disagree with the face shape calculator's outcome, that's totally fine — we don't pretend to know your face better than you do.

The seven face shapes — round, oblong, and heart face shapes

There are widely thought to be seven face shapes:

  • The oval face shape;
  • The round face shape;
  • The oblong face shape (also called "rectangular");
  • The square face shape;
  • The triangle face shape;
  • The diamondface shape; and
  • The heart face shape.

Let's learn more about each face shape and their general descriptions.

The oval face shape

A female oval face.A male oval face.

You have an oval face if it's longer than it is wide, and your cheekbones are a bit wider than both your jaw and your forehead. Your forehead can be on the slightly taller side, and you might have prominent cheekbones.

The round face shape

A female round face.A male round face.

Your face is round and circular if your cheekbones (at their widest) are roughly the same width as the distance between your forehead and jaw. Your hairline and jawline are subtle, rounded lines.

The oblong face shape

An oblong female face.An oblong male face.

Also referred to as rectangular, the oblong face shape is very similar to the oval. The difference is that in an oblong face, the cheek line is longer and relatively straight.

The square face shape

A female square face.A male square face.

To say that your face is square, you need to be able to draw a relatively straight line along its sides (from forehead to jaw). You should have a strong, horizontal jawline, with the width and the length of your face roughly equal.

The triangle face shape

A female triangular face shape.A male triangular face shape.

If your jaw is wider than your forehead, and your cheekbones are no wider than your chin, your face shape is a triangle. This shape is sometimes referred to as a pyramid in fashion.

The diamond face shape

A female diamond-shaped face.A male diamond-shaped face.

If your cheekbones are prominent and wider than both your chin and your forehead, you likely have a diamond-shaped face. The lines along your face are also distinctly more angular than in the oval shape.

The heart face shape

A female heart-shaped face.A male heart-shaped face.

Also called an inverted triangle, the heart shape is characterized by equally wide forehead and cheekbones, or a forehead that is slightly wider than the cheekbones. It's accentuated with a significantly thinner chin.

How do you determine face shape? What face shape do I have?

Face shapes are subjective, but there are some general rules that you can follow to determine your face shape:

  • If your face is longer than wide and your forehead is wider than your jaw, you might have an oval face shape.
  • If your face is longer than wide and your jaw is about as wide as your forehead, you might have an oblong face shape.
  • If your face is as long as wide, and your forehead and jawline are narrower than your cheekbones, you might have a round face shape.
  • If your face is as long as wide and you have a wide jawline, you might have asquare face shape.
  • If your jawline is wider than your cheekbones and your cheekbones are wider than your forehead, you might have a triangle face shape.
  • If your jawline is narrow and your forehead is about as broad as your cheekbones, you might have a heart face shape.
  • If your jawline and forehead are both narrow, your face is long, and your features are sharp, you might have a diamond face shape.

Why is your face shape important?

Knowing your face shape matters if you want to look your best. As a rule, you want to wear items of clothing that contrast your face shape. If your face shape is round or oval, wear angular glasses and hats, and vice versa.

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter.
Daniel Radcliffe (who has a very angular face) wearing the signature round Harry Potter glasses. Imagine if his glasses were sharp and pointy.


Do braces change your face shape?

No, braces do not change your face shape. If they are big, they can make your jaw appear wider and add some angularity to your face. However, braces' impact is minor, temporary, and superficial. And when they come off, you'll have a killer smile.

What is the difference between a round face shape and an oval face shape?

The round face shape is round like a circle, while the oval face shape is longer like an ellipse. Both face shapes have softer ("rounder") features.

What is the difference between a square face shape and an oblong face shape?

Both the square and oblong face shapes are angular, and have straight lines. The square face shape is as long as tall, while the oblong face shape is longer, like a rectangle.

Rijk de Wet and Aleksandra Zając, MD
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