Absolute Eosinophil Count Calculator

Created by Małgorzata Koperska, MD
Last updated: Jul 07, 2018

The absolute eosinophil count calculator uses white blood cell count and eosinophil percentage to estimate the total number of the acidophilic cells in one's blood.

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What are eosinophils?

They are white blood cells specialized in fighting parasites and certain diseases.
They are also mediators of allergic responses and are associated with bronchial asthma development - they are used as markers of severity of the disease.

The name eosinophil or acidophil relates to the fact that this particular group is acid-loving: they show their affinity for acids by turning bright red after staining with eosin, an acidic red dye used in the standard procedure of microscope probe preparation.

What is a normal range of total eosinophil count?

The normal total eosinophil count range is 0.04 - 0.45 ×10³ cells/μL.

  • The state of eosinophil count elevation over 0.45 ×10³ cells/μL is called eosinophilia and is linked to allergic reactions and parasitic infections.
  • Hypereosinophilia is a state of elevation over 1.5 ×10³ cells/μL and can be due to the growth of mutant eosinophil cells or severe parasitosis or allergic reactions.
  • A total eosinophil count lower than 0.04 , called eosinopenia, can be associated with acute infections, burns, stress reactions, Cushing's syndrome, and use of large doses of steroids.

What formula does the absolute eosinophil count calculator use?

To estimate the total eosinophil count (AEC), you first need to do a complete blood count (CBC). The values of white blood cell (WBC) count and eosinophil percentage (EOS%) are going to be used in this equation:


The calculated absolute eosinophil count is expressed in thousands of cells per microlitre (10³ cells/μL).

Małgorzata Koperska, MD
White blood cells (WBC)
Absolute eosinophil count
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