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BAC Calculator (Blood Alcohol Content)

By Mateusz Mucha.

The BAC Calculator is a tool which can help you assess the concentration of alcohol in your blood. It works it out based on what kind of alcohol you drank, how much of it and how long ago. As your blood alcohol concentration depends on a variety of aspects, the sobriety calculator takes under consideration your body weight and sex as well. Have you ever considered why one person gets drunk more easily than than another? Or how this changes depending on the weight, sex, or type of alcohol? If so, keep reading.

How to use Blood Alcohol Calculator?

To find out what your blood alcohol content actually is, you need to fill the blanks with numbers of beer mugs, wine glasses and/or vodka shots you drank. When you have done that, plug in your weight, sex and the time when you started drinking. The BAC Calculator will estimate the percentage of your blood comprised of alcohol.

Let’s take an example:

  1. Large beers: 3
  2. Wine glasses: 0
  3. Vodka shots: 5
  4. Body weight: 90
  5. Sex: male
  6. Started drinking: 8 h ago

The calculator shows your blood as 0,6% alcohol.

Why use the Drunk Calculator?

Sometimes after drinking alcohol you feel horrible, then you simply know that you are still under the influence of alcohol. However, not everyone takes the hangover as a disaster. In such a situation you can be unsure if the breath test would prove any alcohol content in your blood. That’s why you can use the BAC Calculator to measure your blood alcohol concentration before you, for example, decide to drive a car. However, it’s worth confirming the result with another tool like breath test which you can get in most pharmacies.

You can use the drunk calculator to appease your curiosity or to compare your result with those of your friends. If you are interested in other calculators which are related to the topic, you should see Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator and wedding alcohol calculator.

Sobriety Calculator

Blood Alcohol Calculator can be used not only to check the concentration of alcohol in your blood for the moment, but also to estimate when the alcohol content is going to equal 0. You can find this out plugging in different numbers in the "started drinking" input. If you see that your result is still too high, try putting in a bigger number. When your result reaches 0, you can conclude that after such amount of time your blood will no longer contain alcohol. Thanks to this function you can find out how much time you need to get a particular amount of alcohol out of your system, and how it varies depending on the type of drinks you consume.

In conclusion, the BAC calculator can tell you:

  • How drunk you are (regardless of how you feel).
  • How much time you need to get back to total sobriety.
  • How the three most common alcohol types affect your blood alcohol content.
Mateusz Mucha.

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Blood Alcohol Content Calculator