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Bench Press Calculator - Find Your 1RM

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With the bench press calculator, you can find your one rep max. This is defined as the most force you're able to produce with a single muscular contraction. The max bench calculator is really a general one rep max calculator and can be used to find the maximum weight you can lift in any movement, such as the squat, shoulder press, or deadlift. Use the 1RM calculator to track your progress towards your strength training goals.

Why use a one rep max calculator

Your one rep maximum is an accurate measure of your strength. It is used to determine the winner in powerlifting competitions. Using a bench press calculator is necessary to determine this number because it's difficult to accurately guess the exact weight, and to prove it is your maximum by successfully lifting it once. Such a method would also not be particularly safe. A safer and more reliable way is to use a 1RM calculator.

How the 1RM calculator works

To use our 1RM calculator, follow these steps.

  1. Pick a weight that is reasonably challenging for you.
  2. After a brief warm up, lift that weight as many times as you can.
  3. When you reach muscular failure (the point when your working muscle is fully fatigued to the extent that it can no longer complete another repetition of a movement), slowly lower the weight.
  4. Type the weight into the calculator, in the box that matches the number of reps you accomplished.
  5. Read your one rep max from the top.

Note: If using free-weights, you will need a spotter!

The max bench calculator formula

The formula for the max bench calculator uses the following variables:

  • 1RM (one rep max)
  • w (weight)
  • r (reps)

To calculate the 1RM, you need to divide the number of reps by 30, add 1, and multiply it by the weight you were lifting.

1RM = w * (1 + (r / 30))

Other considerations

If your goals are focused on improving your general body composition and not just strength, you might also want to use our BMI calculator, and lean body mass calculator. Your BMI estimates whether you are underweight, overweight, or within the normal range. Your lean body mass is everything in your body minus the fat, which can be very useful for body composition goals.

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Bench Press Calculator - Find Your 1RM