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Created by Artur Łabuda
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Last updated: Jun 05, 2023

The nautical mile calculator is a handy tool to help you calculate the distance from and to nautical miles (nmi).

Provide the distance in miles, kilometers, or any other unit, and the result of the conversion will show up instantly.

You can also use this nautical mile calculator to calculate the traveled distance based on vessel speed and sailing time. If sailing is your pet subject and you're curious about dedicated tools with more advanced options, you might find helpful our boat speed calculator or hull speed calculator.

Please keep reading to learn more about the interesting unit of distance; the nautical mile.

What is a nautical mile?

A nautical mile is a unit of distance. Nautical miles are commonly used in air and marine navigation.

This unit is based on the circumference of the Earth and is equal to one minute (1/601/60 of a degree) of latitude. You can calculate the distance with longitude and latitude with our tool if you don't know the distance in nautical miles but you have the coordinates of two points.

A nautical mile can also be described as the distance traveled over one hour with a speed of one knot. Actually, the knot is a derived unit from a nautical mile, not the other way around.

If you want to learn more about speed conversion used in nautical applications, check out our knots to mph converter.

How many miles in a nautical mile? Nautical mile vs mile

Comparing nautical mile vs. mile, the former is longer than the latter by approximately 15%. So to convert from nautical miles to miles, multiply the former by 1.15078.

1 nmi=1.15078 mi1 \text{ nmi}=1.15078 \text{ mi}


  • nmi\text{nmi} stands for a nautical mile; and
  • mi\text{mi} stands for a standard land mile.

How many kilometers in a nautical mile?

One nautical mile is equal to 1.852 kilometers (or 1852 meters). To convert nautical miles to kilometers, multiply the former by 1.852.

1 nmi=1.852 km1 \text{ nmi}=1.852 \text{ km}


  • nmi\text{nmi} stands for a nautical mile; and
  • km\text{km} is a kilometer unit.

What is knot?

Knot (kn) is a unit of speed. One knot equals one nautical mile per hour.

The knot unit is used mainly in shipping, aviation, and meteorology.

The unit's name originates from the old method of measuring sailing speed: a piece of wood was tightened to a rope and thrown overboard into the water. The wood drifted on the water in one place, unwinding the cord from the deck of the sailing away ship. There were knots on the rope in regular intervals. The sailing speed was calculated on the number of knots unrolled in a given time.

How to convert knots to nautical miles?

Calculating knots to nautical miles is as simple as multiplying the number of knots by the time of sailing.

1 kn=1 nmi×1 h1 \text{ kn}=1 \text{ nmi} \times 1 \text{ h}


  • kn\text{kn} stands for a knot;
  • nmi\text{nmi} stands for a nautical mile; and
  • h\text{h} is a time in hours.

Other conversion tools

Besides the nautical mile calculator, there are many other unit conversion tools on our website that you might find helpful. For example:

Converting from nautical miles to miles or vice versa, calculating knots to nautical miles, or doing other math-related operations is a breeze with our vast collection of calculators and converters.

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