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Louise Glück Poetry Calculator

Created by Dominik Czernia, PhD and Maria Kluziak
Reviewed by Steven Wooding
Last updated: Jun 05, 2023

Do you know who Louise Glück is? She's an American poet that has published twelve collections of poetry as well as a few volumes of essays on poetry. Her work was so prominent and renowned that the Swedish Academy decided to award her with Nobel Prize in Literature in October 2020.

If you haven't had a chance to familiarize yourself with Louise Glück poetry yet, you're in the perfect place! We gathered all her poetry collections and created the Louise Glück poetry calculator to make sure you won't miss any of her poems. It's an excellent tool for planning your journey with Louise Glück. It tells you how many days you need for each collection and helps you to decide which order of reading is the best.

As a bonus, you can check the list of the poems in each poetry collection. Maybe you will find some of these titles especially intriguing to start with.

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2020, Louise Glück portrait.
Louise Gluck - the 2020 Nobel Prize laureate in literature.

Who is Louise Glück?

The Nobel Prize winner is an American poet and essayist who was born in New York in 1943. Louise Glück started her career with the poetry collection Firstborn in 1968, which quickly received some positive attention. Soon, she became one of the most prominent poets in American contemporary literature. The writer found a growing audience in the USA and abroad, receiving several prestigious awards, among them the Pulitzer Prize in 1993 for The Wild Iris collection and National Book Award in 2014.

Anders Olsson, the chair of the Nobel prize committee, described her work as candid and uncompromising with full of humor and biting wit.

The picture of Louise Glück.
Louise Gluck -

How to use the Louise Glück poetry calculator?

You've made a decision; it's time to take a break from the tumult of the world and read some contemplative poems of Louise Glück during your 14-day vacation. Though, do you realize that she has written more than 400 of them? That's a lot! You surely won't finish all of them in that limited time. Thankfully, our calculator gives you the possibility to select the best combination of Louise Glück poetry collections to read. Let's see how to do this:

  1. Select the day you want to start reading. Let's say you start your vacation on the 12th of October.
  2. Type in how many days you want to destine for Louise Glück poetry. In the example, it's 14 days.
  3. Now, it's a difficult question. How thoroughly do you want to contemplate the poems? Do you want to skim them or stay with each poem a little longer? Let's assume that ten poems a day are reasonable enough.
  4. In the end, decide which collections do you want to read first. Do you want to read the most popular first? Or is it the chronological order (publishing date) you want to keep? For example, let's select the "by ratings, from the most popular" option.
  5. That's it! The Louise Glück poetry calculator will suggest poetry collections that you can read during the available time. In our case, there are four of them: The Wild Iris, Averno, Meadowlands, Ararat.

If you cannot afford the two-week vacation, there is still hope 😉 It's always a good idea to bake a tasty cake, open the bottle of your favorite drink, and read one or two poems during the evenings. It may help to calm down after a long day of work.

I want to read them all!

It's doesn't matter how long it would take, I want to read all poetry collections of Louise Glück! We keep you covered in that situation too. Just select the "read everything" option in the first field of the Louise Glück poetry calculator. Instead of selecting only a few collections, we will show all of them in the desired order. Remember to put in your reading speed to estimate the approximate time you need to read all of her 420 poems.

Are you having a problem with finding enough free time to read some books or poetry? We have a few calculators that might help you better organize your day and increase productivity:

Louise Glück poetry collections

As we said, Louise Glück published over 400 poems in 12 poetry collections. It's easy to get lost among all her work! That's why we added an extra feature to the Louise Glück poetry calculator which allows you to check the content of each collection. Select one of the collections in the "Show poem list?" field, and you will see the index of poems in that collection. Keep in mind that some of Louise Glück poems have the same name!

It's worth noting that the writer has collected almost all her work in one book called Poems 1962-2012. She is also an author of two essays: Proofs & Theories: Essays on Poetry and American Originality: Essays on Poetry.

Dominik Czernia, PhD and Maria Kluziak
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In these 14 days you'll be able to read...
1. The Wild Iris - 54 poems, 5 days of reading
2. Averno - 18 poems, 2 days of reading
3. Meadowlands - 46 poems, 5 days of reading
4. Faithful and Virtuous Night - 24 poems, 2 days of reading
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