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Our decimal time converter is here to help you convert clock time to decimal format. If you want to use time in some formula (like speed or acceleration) as a decimal and need help converting hours and minutes to decimal time, you've come to the right place.

Join us in the article below, and together, we shall learn how to perform this decimal time conversion and how to put our calculator to good use!

Decimal time conversion

Say it took you 3 hours and 40 minutes to travel 264 miles in a car. Your average speed is given by the formula:

speed=distancetime\rm speed = \frac{distance}{time}

To calculate your average speed, you need time in the decimal format because calculating 264/3h40m\rm{264}/{3h40m} is not a straightforward operation.

Let's see how you convert clock time to decimal:

  1. Divide seconds by 60 secs/min60 \text{ secs}/\text{min}. Your trip took 3 hrs 40 mins 0 secs: 0/60=0 mins0/60 = 0 \text{ mins}.

  2. Add this to the minutes to get minutes in decimal form: 40 mins+0=40 mins40 \text{ mins} + 0 = 40 \text{ mins}.

  3. Divide minutes by 60 mins/hr60 \text{ mins}/\text{hr}: 40/60=0.667 hrs40/60 = 0.667 \text{ hrs}.

  4. Add this to the hours to convert time in decimal format: 3+0.667=3.667 hrs3 + 0.667 = 3.667 \text{ hrs}.

🔎 Now, you may insert this value into the average speed formula. You can verify your result using our speed calculator.

Using this decimal time converter

Our decimal time converter is simple to use:

  1. Enter the clock time in hours, minutes, and seconds in their appropriate fields.

  2. The decimal time converter will automatically give you decimal time in hours, minutes, and seconds. You can pick and use whichever fits your scenario.

  3. Do you wish to see the step-by-step solution? If so, select Yes in the appropriate field and enjoy!

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How do I convert 2 hours 20 minutes into decimal form?

2 hours and 20 minutes are equal to 2.333 hours. To arrive at this answer, you need only follow these steps:

  1. Divide the minutes by 60 mins/hr to convert them into 'decimal hours':

    20 mins/60 mins/hr = 0.333 hr

  2. Add the hours with the decimal hours to get the time in decimal form:

    2 hr + 0.333 hr = 2.333 hr

  3. Verify the result with our decimal time converter.

How do I convert 7 minutes 25 seconds into decimal form?

7 minutes 25 seconds is equal to 7.417 minutes or 0.1236 hours. To get this result, follow these steps:

  1. Divide the second by 60 secs/min to convert them in 'decimal minutes':

    25 secs/60 secs/min = 0.417 min

  2. Add the minutes with decimal minute to get the decimal form in minutes:

    7 min + 0.417 min = 7.417 min

  3. Divide this by 60 min/hr to get decimal form in hours:

    7.417 min/ 60 min/hr = 0.1236 hr

  4. Verify this result with our decimal time converter.

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