Let us collaborate with your mission.

Do you want to make the world better?

We want to help people make better decisions that rely on numbers, not intuition. If you’re a scientist, educator, NGO worker, advocate of a social cause, or a professional who wants to use our calculators, we’d love to collaborate with you. And we’ll do it for free.

We create calculators that use scientific and statistical formulas to help explain various phenomena. We can build a calculator that will help your research, devise a collection of calculators for a topic that you are teaching, quantify the issue that you are trying to solve, and engage others in your cause.

In a nutshell - if you too think in algorithms, we can help turn them into interactive tools that will highlight your research and share it with the world.

How to connect with us?

Start by telling us what you do and what your idea is so that we can get this partnership rolling! Send an email to matt@omnicalculator.com

Here’s some of what we’ve been up to so far

We have collaborated with medical experts, physicists, professors, statisticians, financial advisors, and both PhD graduates and candidates in different fields.

  • Hanna Pamuła, a PhD candidate created the Plastic Footprint Calculator, which helps you monitor and lessen your plastic consumption. For this, we partnered with Prof. Małgorzata Grodzińska-Jurczak of Jagiellonian University, the head of the QUIT PLASTIC Project, who shared recycling tips to maximize the benefits of our calculator.
  • We partnered with Małgorzata Koperska, MD, who created the Coffee Kick Calculator, that was based on a study done for 10 years on U.S. Soldiers. The algorithm from that study helps people adjust their caffeine habits to optimise their performance.
  • Łukasz Białek, MD, and Dominik Czernia, PhD candidate created the Car Heat Calculator, which educates others on the dangers of leaving children and pets inside a car for a period of time.
  • With quantum physicist Miłosz Panfil, PhD, we discovered how to boil the perfect egg using science. He based it on a study by Dr. Charles Williams of the University of Exeter.
  • Dominik Czernia, PhD candidate created the Perfect Pancake Calculator that not only helps you create the delicious dish, but uses a formula that is also used for glaucoma treatment. The theory came from scientists at University College London.
  • With Tibor Pál, double PhD candidate and Hanna Pamuła, PhD candidate, we raised awareness of the pay gaps within males and females of different ethnicities in various occupations.
  • Together with experts from Krakow Smog Alert (Krakowski Alarm Smogowy), we built a Smog Calculator that shows you how polluted the air in different cities is in terms of the equivalent number of cigarettes smoked.

We are ready to collaborate with you. Let’s make the world better with numbers!