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About us

The Purpose

We make decisions more rational, one calculation at a time.

Far too often, we perceive the world through the lens of our emotions, feelings, and intuition. Meanwhile, a multitude of our problems can be solved with a tiny bit of math. Buy or rent a house? How long to boil an egg? Am I overweight? What it takes to answer these questions is a clear mind, a few minutes, and a mathematical formula. Three things that we often lack, so we go with hunches instead.

In Omni Calculator, we knock down each and every obstacle that stands between you and an informed decision. We provide the numbers you need, making calculations fast, easy, and fun.

A world driven by rational decisions is a better place. It's a world where we don't waste resources as much, believe nonsense a bit less, and don't mistake opinions for facts.

It's the world we want to help building.

The Company

Turning reality into calculators.

Omni Calculator is a Polish startup that brings you hundreds of custom-built calculators. Each of them solves a real-life problem that, while tiny, is shared by millions of people across the globe. Our calculators take only seconds to use and give you precisely the numbers you need.

We're called Omni Calculator for a single reason – our goal is to solve all small math problems that people deal with on an everyday basis.

The Story

Instead of calculating one thing, we’ll calculate all of them.

It all started with a hobby experiment back in 2011. Mateusz Mucha, our founder, built a web calculator with a unique twist: it could calculate in any direction, without a fixed input or output. This original feature was carried further to a mobile app Percentage Calculator. The app was as low-budget as they come – Mateusz spent a whopping $80 on translating it into fifteen languages – but gained traction at an astounding pace, reaching over 4 million downloads so far.

In 2014, Mateusz turned his side project into a business. Participating in the startup accelerator Axel Springer Plug and Play in Berlin made him realize that everyday math problems are a universal struggle. And, what's crucial for the company, they encompass much more than just percentages. This is when it was settled: instead of calculating one thing, we'll calculate all of them – for everybody.

This decision led to a series of tough choices. If the new product was to be universal, it had to be free of charge. If it was to help people all around the globe, putting together a marketing strategy was a nightmare. If it was to be omnicompetent… Well, at least the choice of the name was obvious. The hobby project became Omni Calculator.

Fast forward a few years, and Omni is at its best. Since 2016, we expanded from 20 thousand to over 5 million visits a month. In 2018, the company comprised of five people; one year later, we're a team of twenty-four. Eighteen months ago, our office didn't even have a printer… you get the point.

The Vision

We’ll solve every math problem imaginable - for everyone on the planet.

Despite solving five million problems every month, we know we've barely scratched the surface. There are more people to reach, and more math to be done. That's why our collection of calculators grows every day and won't stop until we respond to all computable needs.

Currently, if you want to solve a math problem, you will either use a calculator app or a spreadsheet. We link the simplicity of the former with the comprehensiveness of the latter – and we aspire to become a go-to tool that solves math problems for everyone on the planet. Whether you're a college freshman, a carpenter, an athlete, or a high-profile manager, we'll create calculators tailored to your taste.

The default calculator you’re using today still assumes you know required formulas and feel comfortable with arithmetics. More often than not, it’s not the case. It’s about time these problems got easy for everybody.

The Team

A perfect mix of expertise and versatility.

What sets us apart is the team – a small, but tightly-knit group joined by a shared vision. Top-class specialists and academics with hard-earned doctoral degrees work hand in hand with polymaths versed in multiple fields. Thanks to this extraordinary mix, we can build calculators for even the most surprising topics.

We know that talent is not restricted to one city or country, which is why we've built an international team with members from Poland, India, Philippines, Spain, Hungary, and the UK. Want to join us? Make sure to drop us a line!

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