My evening will start at
8 PM
I will visit
Time spent in every pub
In every pub, I will drink
large beers
... and
small beers
... and
vodka shots
My tech specs
I'm a
I weight

On March 17th, we're all Irish. Regardless of where you're reading this, there's a big chance that you can find an Irish Pub in your city. According to Wikipedia, there are around 7,000 of those in the world.

And all of them are packed on St. Patrick's Day.

What's Pub Crawling?

One of the most popular traditions for this day is pub crawling. You gather a group of friends and move from one pub to another.

For some, it's a sprint. It's rapid. One shot and then another place.

But for most people, especially on St. Patrick's Day, it's a marathon. You find a place to sit, drink a couple of beers, enjoy some music and after you've decided it's enough, you move to another place. It can take a whole night.

So we've decided to make a tool that helps estimate how drunk one can get during St. Patrick's day. We all know the rule of thumbs: eat well, don't mix alcohols. But these are not hard numbers and we love hard numbers.

So we did some math, and this is what we've come up with: St. Patrick's Day Survival Tool.

We also kindly remind you to drink responsibly.

How do we calculate Blood Alcohol Content?

In drinking alcohol, timing is important. The fastest you drink, the quicker you'll get drunk and the sooner you'll have to finish your night. Why is that?

A so-called "Drinking Period" is an integral part of the Estimated Blood Alcohol Content formula.

We took the popular Widmark formula from Wikipedia, which looks like this:

EBAC = ((0.806*SD*1.2)/(BW*Wt) - (MR*DP)) * 10

where :

  • 0.806 is a constant for body water in the blood (mean 80.6%),
  • SD is the number of standard drinks, that being 10 grams of ethanol each,
  • 1.2 converts grams to a Swedish standard
  • BW is a body water constant (0.58 for males and 0.49 for females),
  • Wt is body weight (kilogram),
  • MR is the metabolism constant (0.015 for men and 0.017 for women)
  • DP is the drinking period in hours

So the shorter you drink the same amount of alcohol, the drunker you will get.

How can you use St. Patrick's Day Survival Tool?

There are a lot of variables in the formula above so there a lot of things you can check while using this calculator.

You can check how different the outcome (blood content and your physical and mental state) will be if you change anything: the number of pubs visited, number of beers (or shots or glasses) you drink in every place, time spent in a single pub and so on.

If you plan to drink 2 beers in 2 hours in every pub you want to visit, then you can check how different will the outcome be with every additional place where you drink.

Also, you might want to check how different is the outcome if you start mixing alcohol. A little shot of vodka to your two beers might not sound like too much but try to drink that in every place, and you'll end up regretting your decisions on Sunday.

Don't forget to tip for your drinks! It's a good thing to share your joy with others. Did you know that word "tip" means "money for beer" in many languages (e.g. German and Polish)? Our tip calculator will tell you how much you should tip for different services in the USA, as well as in other countries.

St. Patrick's Day Survival Tool: Example

A 165lbs man that starts his St. Patrick's evening at 8 PM and wants to drink 2 beers in 3 pubs (for 1.5h in every place) will drink 150 grams of alcohol during the night.

He will finish by 1 AM and will get alcohol out of his system by 10 AM on Sunday.

But if he adds a shot of vodka in every pub, then he will be intoxicated until 2 PM on Sunday.

He could also skip vodka and choose another beer which would be even worse. It adds two hours to the sobering process. Plus, it means that in the peak of his intoxication, he may black out.

Sometimes there's too much beer. Omni Calculator reminds you to drink responsibly.

Jacek Staszak

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